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Bed of the street that begin work near 130 yuan of Fu Jia (sanded bayou area)
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The month hires: 130 yuan
Bedroom: 2 house
Whether intermediary: Blame intermediary
Have posture place: Liaoning - Dalian - sanded bayou area

Schoolboy apartment is located in gauze of marriage of the back of a person of hospital of engine of the market that begin work near a street (connection phone: 81778689) schoolboy bed rents, male bed privilege of 130 yuan of special offer, the room has TV good liaison man of clean and safe central heating is convenient, those who enter is the undergraduate that high quality just graduated, bearing of hobby of fine of greeting all without exception has regular job not to love clean friend to be entered boisterously very much. Every months of 130 January pay rent (central heating of bag water and electricity is expended) . The welcome seeks advice before everybody, advisory phone: 81778689 (13889649652) the cash pledge that rent a house 50 yuan, decline drink clamorous friend, not sincere person not faze. Male bed of front courtyard of idle of flourishing age of loose river grade 120 yuan. Come apartment course: Take from Dalian railway station 201; Take from Zhongshan square 405; Area of new and high garden takes 202 to get off to station of the market that begin work north is 200 meters namely all right. 6 8 10 405 705 201 202 514 528 532 505, 612, 413, 9, fast and public transportation, Yao Jia arrives the street that begin work, this advertisement is long-term and effective.

Contact: King gentleman
Connect a telephone call: 81778689