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False landlord is low cheat only into tower above hire a guest to prevent cheat
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Because parents wants to come to Guangzhou, mr Ma that in road of north of the Milky way some unit works (alias) working of the unit around hired one place housing, according to the requirement of landlord, pony to landlord " Miss Li " (alias) handed in two months hire and cash pledge of a month to add up to nearly 4000 multivariate. Making what an absolutely cannot think of Mr Ma is, the first day when go in their occupy night, somebody comes to claim she just is true " landlord " . The fact is: "Miss Li " just be before rent a settle or live in a strange place, mechanism of this matter public security is in investigation. The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, the person of a few have ulterior motives uses the near future the psychology of petty gain of covet of a few people, be engaged in technically cheating hire, relet profession, the owner, incident that hires a guest to be deceived is not rarely seen.

Pinchbeck landlord cheats 4200 yuan to be missing

Before before long, the reporter sees the owner of the building and the equestrian gentleman that rent a house in police station of market of card of stone of the Milky way. He tells a reporter, he is day Heibei Lu Mou building sees on a website dish have one house one hall underlet, water and electricity is gas and all ready... Mr Ma says instantly the phone saw landlord about, both sides met in the rented house. Mr Ma says, profess " owner " " Miss Li " showed Id and house property evidence actively to oneself. "The certificate that I see her is quite all ready, signed the contract that rent a house on the spot, owner still keeps Id number. The hire of every month is 1400 yuan, the demand that still presses owner made two months hire and deposit of a month in all 4200 yuan. " did not think of to remove ability one day, be asked to take away.

When Mr Ma sees true proprietor astonied, mr Ma is dialed instantly " Miss Li " phone, discover this number already became spacing actually, report a case to the security authorities to police station of market of card of stone of the Milky way only.

The person of owner plum young lady and property company tells a reporter, this rental room that is located in road of north of the Milky way is in last year already by house-owner is mandatory rent external to something estate company, hire is every months 2000 yuan. Not long ago, woman of a youth says to want to this company short-term rent this ring house. Did not think of to become lease is firm full, ability discovery hires a guest to already became Mr Ma.

False landlord handled card of false house property and id card even

"In light of the condition that describes from Mr Ma, the owner that leases a room to give him hires the girl of the house namely to the company, this person is probable it is a be used to is cheated, because she returns the name that knows true landlord actually, immediately handled false Id and card of false house property. Immediately handled false Id and card of false house property..
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