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Some building dish lure intermediary " aid blast " lease commission 7.5-12 10 th
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To property sale price holds the Shang Chen of sturdy confidence to be tasted from beginning to end, eventually with 75 thousand - 120 thousand yuan lunar hire price, fraction source of the room that rent is cast at the market. In the meantime, soup official group still invited on Shanghai many famous medium a few days ago, its commission is equal the hire at a month, with period finish in tandem let the job. Because be aimed at client group too exorbitant end, although the personage inside course of study says, price of sex of this property hire is compared not low, but the reporter understands from each intermediary, "Still have no

The client expresses intention " .

As we have learned, 10 when first rolling out rent the house, lease is a year at least since. "This basically is to maintain a building dish character and safe safeguard, short-term the meeting that rent a settle or live in a strange place is brought about ' pass in and out ' frequent. " recommend the personage inside the intermediary course of study of the meeting to introduce according to participating in, this soup official group invited numerous and famous medium, but the spot did not leak more information. Be in however brokerage field, with the view of the personage inside this course of study, the price that soup official group offers " very good " . It is reported, the commission price of feedback is equal the hire at a month, namely 75 thousand - 120 thousand yuan.

On the other hand, travel of intermediate quantity couplet ever was in pair of Shanghai first year after year today of market of hotel type house in forecasting a report, point out, control the large family complete that serves type apartment as 500, the supply that 2008 will be apartment of type of large family service height year. The market situation that whether can appear to be begged for be more than about area of land home mouth, ocean of land of director of district of mouth of landed land home expresses Han Yu, because what promote room cause very few, won't produce too big impact to the market.

Deng Yang thinks, from at present the top class a person of extraordinary powers of area of mouth of Pudong land home rents the market to look curtilage, a few time that make a room are longer " renown dish " empty buy leads general on the low side, the overall prices that rent is relatively hopeful. He expresses, the renting price that Shang Chen tastes is in place very competitive. "The hire with fortune current seascape already achieved 80 thousand yuan / month, and situation is not tasted like Shang Chen, because this is actually ' cheap ' . " his say. Nevertheless, the reporter enquired inn of door of a few intermediary yesterday, the likelihood because time is still short and high end of client fixed position, because this still is had no,taste the client that represents clear purpose to appear to Shang Chen.

The Shang Chen that rolls out 10 residences that rent this tastes B ridgepole building, once executed global road to perform put on sale 2006, still decide finally to be rented by group hold however. On rental price, shang Chen is behaved before this " hesitation " , cannot knock calm. Market rumor says, taste two big a person of extraordinary powers as a result of roc benefit seascape, Shang Chen curtilage project, in neighbor of area of mouth of home of Shanghai Pudong small land, in respect of the price that rent, both sides thinks " seek move after that surely " , cause condition of occurrence refuse to budge thereby. 2007 the last ten-day of a month, the roc benefit seascape that food group division issues in, make clear decision general eventually its are all 350 flatlet source turns to rent for hotel type apartment, introduce Singapore at the same time brightness fill international management limited company to enter halt, announced to develop the rental intent of business, but this dishes price that rent still is up to now " pendent " .
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