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The appearance after hiring a room to be in business 3 days is encountered tear
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New store start business is encountered tear open

Li Donglin's home town in peach of Hubei celestial being some is pressed down, 5 years ago, he leaves home come Changsha learns hutch, after dispatching troops, he finds a cafeteria to work. Go all out in work through a few years, li Donglin assemble brushstroke money, discuss with the wife then, him preparation opens a restaurant.

By Feburary 2008, li Donglin and wife took a fancy to a chophouse of road of academy of classical learning of area of heart of day of the Changsha City. Pass nearly half month make an on-the-spot investigation, husband and wife two ability are determined to leave this store from hanging wall of original hand of Zhejiang boss Chen Mou.

On March 24, li Donglin pays Chen Mou nearly 20 thousand yuan after transferring cost, with the lease that landlord Zhang Mou signed by a definite date two years, paid the chummage of 3 months and deposit.

"Store start business just 3 days, I am in inn busy business, tear open a staff member that change does, wrote on the wall outside my shop ' tear open ' word. " Li Donglin tells a reporter, his around spent face of 27 thousand yuan of face each other to undertake decorating, did not think of cafeteria opens business ability is about 3 days to be torn open, he one unconscious.

"The nobody when signing a contract tells me here be about to tear open change, if know to wanted to tear open immediately, I won't lease this the facade of a shop for certain. " Li Donglin expresses, the doorway is written to go up " tear open " after the word, the boss of adjoining inn just tells him, they had received the announcement that tear open change twice last year, the time that tear open change is came on April 1, 2008 on October 1.

Subsequently, li Donglin finds landlord to Zhang Mou requirement terminates the contract that rent a house and recoup relevant loss, but Ms. Zhang had be notted tear open with the house however for reject to remove contract.

The ability after landlord says Feng Lu withdraws fund

On April 21, the reporter comes to the chophouse that Li Donglin of road of academy of classical learning of area of heart of day of the Changsha City opens, because tear open change, the car on the driveway, pedestrian is very few.

See on the contract that the reporter signs in Li Donglin and landlord, "Encounter a building to tear open change to wait cannot defy a factor, cause this agreement to cannot be carried out normally, the agreement will remove automatically, contract termination. Contract termination..

Subsequently, ms. Zhang obtained reporter and landlord to contact, ms. Zhang says: "Everything handles affairs by the contract, appearance has not been torn open now, he does not have reason to stop of course hire. Wait begin Feng Lu, contract nature is stopped, this returned amount we a minute of money won't little. This returned amount we a minute of money won't little..
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