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Because still have love besides love,she left that to rent a house sweetly is
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"We part company! " he says, be reluctant to leave without on the face.

Should shake his head originally, but she or firm ground nod. He walked out of coffee hall, did not turn round. She takes coffee sip readily, a kind agonized cover her whole body, as once love.

When be in love, he resembles a birdie, class of every the world always is met " hold " a few surprises come back. Cheap candy, still have a few curious and eccentric cloth baby. Hire although the room is bit palletter, but lamplight lukewarm embellish. An essay is read below the lamp, the footstep that awaits him to be familiar with became her one day the sweetest days. In the evening 9 when control her to be able to hear his footstep climbs stairs hurriedly, open door lock with invariable means. Next she can see a few little gifts. Their deep feeling is embraced.

She was used to in that way life.

The itself of love is a brittle glass probably, in the one instant that his face about walks out of coffee hall she saw that piece of glass broke countless bruise. Her desolate ground walks out of coffee hall. The light in city is brilliant, doing not have a lamp again however belong to her. She remembers " broken up " this word. Found an unmanned corner eventually, she thinks herself originally of a smile, but tear, slipped flintily to come down. She does not know to want where to go to. His thing is completely in the home: Shirt, razor...

Then the portion loved her to once managed 4 years hard. After 4 years today she on the market that a person takes in the late night quiet. Arrived insensibly at the door the unit. That is a 15 financial edifice. The pattern that changes to busy by day in the edifice now is quiet come down. She is pedestrian be on 15. She wants to watch the night scene of this city. Lights wanes to the close outside, urban Ye Caigang just began. Everything what think of this city belongs to her no longer, her alone was spun indefinitely by the dim light of night. Open a window, autumn wind is blown, sent a few sad pasts. Double ended radius sleeker withered, why is the past of those heartbreak letting a person always cause dark grow? He was done not have, what is the meaning that she lives? She stands to windowsill, it is formic below the wagon flow that use and blatant ave.

At this moment the mobile phone rang. She closes an eye, suck greatly at a heat, think jump leaves this sad world very quickly. But the mobile phone did not stop, ring ceaseless all the time.

She jumped, double foot falls on the floor of the office. She this ability discovers actually she very be afraid of death, because she feels her double leg apparently,trembling. The phone still is in noisy, she took skill machine to press " receive listen " key.

"Girl, where be? Had not slept, listen to weather forecast to say to be able to drop in temperature these days over there you. The blue sweater that you knit me to you is put on. Can not freeze! Good, thing of it doesn't matter, hanged. " that end noise of the phone after moment rose hurried " toot, toot " sound.
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