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Sublessor is used opportunely short-term the room that rent makes bilk is rented
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Introduce according to Mr Wang, he the house that in hot Henan road 485 2 unit have a two bedrooms, the day before yesterday Mr Wang leases the building with 2400 yuan price professing is Anhui businessmen Li Mou two months. But he was in Nanjing inadvertently yesterday afternoon an information that rent a house sees on net of some house property, there are oneself to just rented above Li Mou's house, lessor is Li Mou actually, and lease is half an year at least, hire requirement is one-time paid.

The website that the reporter offers according to Mr Wang place, found information of that house property very quickly, see have this matter truly, agree to be in with house-owner hot Henan meets at the door Lu Suguo supermarket. That day afternoon, the reporter dialed the mobile phone number that Li Mou issues on the net, claim to want to rent a house, li Mou heard to agree immediately. The reporter enquires Li Mou has house property card, li Mou says certificate is all ready, emphasize lease again and again the briefest half an year, hire wants paid. Subsequently reporter and Li Mou agree to controlled the spot to see a room at 4 o'clock afternoon. Subsequently the reporter was taking Wang Mou to arrive instantly police station of 2 board bridges signed up for alarm.

Afternoon 4:10, reporter and policeman of 3 civilian clothes are in of Wang Mou guide below, found the place of rental room very quickly, wang Mou and civilian clothes policeman stealthily conceal is in all around, the reporter goes upstairs directly opened a door, in believing firmly Li Mou is really come in order to rent a house after bilk, the reporter draws out outfit of skill machine feign to make the friend sends hire and call to the policeman outside immediately. Downstair policeman knows is moment, develop a room quickly in, capture Li Mou on the spot. According to policeman investigation, li Mou is surnamed actually bright red, he is beautiful a few money leases short-term building, rent the house for a long time again, money escapes in one's hand. Because be suspected of bilk, the policeman takes him to police station of 2 board bridges to be handled further.