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Hire room old practice: Close hire what be played to see me by sublessor to hire
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Want to be in south a building is leased near grain industry. Begin to pay close attention to the information that rent a house.

Holiday drawing near, rental information begins much rise.

1 . 5. See on the net a door has a room to rent, it is the niche that I like. The decision looks.

After connection, feel expensive.

Publicize column to see a few in the school again. Contact.

Have together with the classmate saw. The sense is good, the decision was hired. Gave the deposit of 200. Say to want to buy computer to install a broadband with landlord at the same time. Consentient.

1 . 6. Dealt with the formalities of new clothes phone to telegraphic postal service hall.

Came home to say oneself thing with family. The preparation that take money buys computer. Still was duped in the net a broadband of a year. But whether to have the lease that wants suddenly to should affirm sublessor so long. Phone connection gets positive result. I what return the accused at the same time should make certain deposit for broadband and phone. Misgive, but the interview after saying.

1 . 7. Answer Nanjing. Preparative money buys computer and broadband. Moved in the morning. Communicate with landlord afternoon, I must make the broadband phone cash pledge of 500 and housing deposit.

Dizzy. Money is insufficient. Let my only then expect to the condition of the one after another of sublessor not namely.

The decision makes clear the qualification of sublessor. Ask its show its to hire room contract.

Refuse strongly by its. Say I had had no right to see its contract. Accredit lives, distrust does not live. (but I had installed a phone. . . )

Depressed in exam. . .

1 . 8. The relevant note that rent a house sees on the net. Begin to breathe out greatly oneself carelessness.

Seek advice to the friend that also is sublessor, his lodger also asks to see a contract to him, he was shown finally.

I begin to know not be myself is sensitive and suspicious, the disposition that is not me has a problem. It is the right that everybody should strive for.

1 . 9. I ask to see a contract again, be rejected again.

Right now, the relation of I and sublessor begins to have a problem.

Gave him 400 chummage and the cash pledge of 200. The rest of give after plan Spring Festival. His Spring Festival went to work to be at ease later.

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