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Female gambler is defeated by money to play " sky room plan " hires a room to se
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Hit mahjong luck back, owe a debt of honour more than yuan 10, abundant of 26 years old woman miscarriage (alias) thought up sky of one action “ unexpectedly room plan ” , hire come the house pass on of others sells, cheated others 120 thousand yuan. At present miscarriage already by police punishment arrest.

This year on August 20, miscarriage spends 1500 yuan of buildings that lease some next week, but kept anonym and false Id number however on the contract that rent a house. Subsequently, after miscarriage made false id card again, stick gave a piece of content to be “ area the 110 housing of smooth rice sell, price range views the ad of ” . Qin Mou talks subsequently decided house price to be 132 thousand yuan, monopolize by miscarriage account of water, report, gas, qin Mou is prepaid 122 thousand yuan, the rest of after 10 thousand yuan wait for house property card to be taken paid, miscarriage left another anonym word in the autograph on the contract again.

After taking money, miscarriage paid off nearly 100 thousand yuan of a debt of honour instantly, but when card of the water that seeks her to want a house for many times when Qin Mou, report, gas, she has careless prevaricate only however, because block the householder on,be Zhou Mou. After Qin Mou encounters cold reception for many times, thing feeling odd, subsequently Xiang Feng police reports a case to the security authorities.