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Handsome young man and beautiful female live freely? Look history on most " owes
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I buy the house (high-level apartment, two rooms one hall 96 smooth, 3 annulus interest loosens east) , oneself a person lives uninteresting, look for an individual one chummage, the men and women is not restricted, need not pay rent (deceive people the tooth drops smooth light)



(1) the requirement can cook, brother won't, plain food taste is best.

(2) fashionable dot, want to compare my meeting HAPPY at least, of meeting bubble girl preferential, the brother won't play tennis, this grows welcome, of simpleminded did not sign up.

(3) the age has been fastened 30, appearance cannot too disgraceful, saw time grow to also be met otherwise disgusting, go out to be mixed together, too lose face.

(4) those who do not have a girlfriend is preferential, with respect to the brother otherwise one person makes fun of odd meeting to leave nosebleed in the evening! Even if have also cannot too beautiful, what the belle does cummer do not sign up, consequence is otherwise conceited, brother psychokinesis is fragile.

(5) should have bit of economy base, fasten too door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, liked those who take small advantage not to come!

(6) have proper profession, mix mix do not come, my moral is more decorous still, do not take me bad.

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