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The story that rent a house meets: The tangle that rent a house is great, dispel
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The city tears open change and numerous college graduate to join the gens that rent a settle or live in a strange place, the our city hires room height head on and come, also highlight increasingly because of a variety of bewilderment that rent a house and bring. Safe, hire, close hire wait for a problem to be highlighted particularly, taking these issues, the reporter interviewed the personage inside relevant party and course of study.

Safe: Careful and of travel

In the our city a few flourishing a sector of an area, want to lease ideal building, not only want “ essence to carry fine choose ” , want ” of “ stoop to compromise even sometimes. The small He Hao that Fosan comes to first is in city not easily east become reconciled friend closes near next roads rent two rooms one hall, but subsequently and the safe problem that come lets her have a headache.

In interview, xiaohe is taking the key of a string of heavy to be revealed to the reporter, say disconsolately all over the face: “ comes home to want everyday 5, 6 locks, the feeling comes home to resemble entering birdcage. Nevertheless, still cannot find safe sense. ” occupies the introduction, xiaohe even every small drawer, small box mount lock. True it may be said, in three-layer, outside three-layer wraps his safety Yan Yan is solidly.

How to face problem of the safety that rent a house? A person of extraordinary powers of A of all-round victory staff member says: “ above all, observation should notice before the decision rents a house all around safe environment, concentration of the member that avoid bearer of substandard of the village in the city as far as possible is taken; Next, choose the building with taller floor, the door is superior lock, valuable as far as possible appropriate is saved. Again, not optional accost with the person of the periphery that rent a house, the “ when contradicting with neighborhood happening bears ” word pawn. ”

In speak of the optional location that rent a house going up, a Hao says: “ collects scene city, rosary one belt, with China old the city zone of city of village, buddhist if the sports market, life area that has special property government, these area whole are opposite and character security is higher. ”

Hire: Institutional thought fors the time being

The hire that rent a house all the way bullish, the our city rents a house the price and the shift on photograph comparing is not little last year. A few landlord take the chance to rise in price to often renting a settle or live in a strange place,

Ms. Liu that lives around Wei Guolu of buddhist the city zone was forced to add 150 yuan month to hire last month. Although have a contract prevenient, but it is not cheap also to because search now,rent a house newly, so Ms. Liu chose but accept.

With respect to this kind of condition that Ms. Liu experiences, the reporter interviewed constant base to produce young lady of staff member bridge. She suggests, it is above all talk things over amicably with landlord, strive for a “ double the result that gains ” ; Do not have method to be taken really hire room contract to undertake thought fors the time being at the outset, the compensation that is equal with cash pledge can be taken below general situation.
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