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House resell target will be being hired when yesterday is close friends complete
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This year in May, the Xia Guochen that does seafood business finds Li Mou of the villager that be the same as a village, lend 7000 yuan of money to Li Mou and assure 3 lunar hind to return. After 3 months, xia Guochen looks for Lin Ming of copartner of meaning of a future life, the as consultative as Li Mou be related that return money. Xia Guochen says to Li Mou: “ Lin Ming has the house of a 50 square metre, cheap bit sell you to be become pay a debt in kind or by labour. ” then, li Mou and Lin Ming sign next agreements that buy a house. After that, li Mou pays summer, Lin Erren twice money of 16500 yuan of houses.

Find that flatlet that is located in village of smooth Luo Mou when Li Mou the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, living inside discovery additional family. Original summer, forest just sell him the house that rents temporarily! Li Mou finds Xia Guochen subsequently. See the thing discloses, xia Guochen promises to return money, can return 11500 yuan of money only, with respect to He Linming a “ evaporates ” . Later, li Mou understands, still have additionally 3 people that are the same as a village with what he are decieved likewise.

Late on September 7, after the person such as Li Mou waited painstakingly around 3 desk 4 days, discover Lin Ming in entrance of a hotel eventually, report a case to the security authorities to local police station then. Police captures Lin Ming obtain, subsequently Xia Guochen also is captured to bring to justice. According to summer, forest two people are explained, come from March 2008 at the beginning of September, two people early or late resell of 4 office building has rent bilk, gain profit illegally more than yuan 20.