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Close hire the true love in house: Fall ill facilitated lifetime amour
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“ if it were not for and person close hire, I am early perhaps with respect to die in one's bed. The Cao Qing that in Guangzhou the Milky way company of cosmetic of a hairdressing works is opposite ” the reporter says so.

Cao Qing says, last year in the winter, guangzhou is in after her three-year institution of higher learning graduates hold office of market of wide hair cosmetic. She rents a two rooms in stone card at that time the house of one hall, in the “ on a net cohabitational times ” gives out “ to close hire ” card, the requirement adds up to “ of the person that hire to have taller artistic appreciation, have ” of elegant occupational male. Card, receive a lot of a money order receipt to be signed and returned to senders very quickly. Cao Qing is chosen from inside these a money order receipt to be signed and returned to senders decided computer engineer Cheng Bin. Subsequently, two people make an appointment to meet see a room, the appreciation that each other show pair of the other side and approbate. The demand that the price of water and electricity of chummage of Introduction Cao Qing Introduction Xiang Chengbin and AA make, cheng Bin nods again and again accept.

Cao Qing says, at first, although two people close,rent one house, but mutual between without too much association, when just go to work and coming off work, met, nod greet 9, close oneself door severally in the evening.

Cheng Bin says frankly to the reporter, he hopes to have more contacts and society with Cao Qing actually. At that time, just about weather of the twelfth month of the lunar year is very cold, he sees Cao Qing is put in plastic bucket to burn hot water to bathe with hot water club, then oneself spent money to install a water heater. Once the sewer of the toilet was blocked up, cao Qing worked a long time of no help, cheng Bin bout will buy to connect lavatory tool, very fast sewer dredge. Cheng Bin says, if only often sewer jams the thing of and so on happens, such, have opportunity and Cao Qing communication.

A dusk, cheng Bin comes off work come back, in the Cao green room that discovers in succession two days to disappear faint come out weak groan tone, knock, without activity. He thinks Cao Qing is to fall ill certainly, swung open the door then. See Cao Qing lies on the bed only, smell is faint, the body has a fever like posse fire, cheng Bin is carrying her on the back to leave a floor at once, send overseas Chinese hospital first aid. In that paragraph of time that weighs disease in Cao Qing, cheng Bin asks for leave come to blueness of Cao of the lackey in the hospital, boil medicine to feed soup to Cao Qing, help her overshoot close nearly. Cao Qing is tearful say: “ Cheng Bin, this if it were not for you, I was over for certain. ”

After Cao Qing leaves hospital, for later each other have a notify by word of mouth, she and Cheng Bin live tacitly together. And another room of empty move hired others to live again.
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