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Chummage rises in price greatly ecbolic close hire heat to inspect a roommate st
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“ is searched close hire female two, requirement height 160 above, weight 58 kilograms the following, without the boy friend, have proper profession, work and rest clean and the rule, neat, get along along with become reconciled, hobby of fine of all without exception. ” is searched this in round island add up to the information that hires associate to let person misunderstanding very easily marry to search object.

The reporter interviewed discovery recently, chummage of urban section section rises first half of the year nearly 40% , make many youths faint the hire that sole responsibility manages a building, close hire making the youth's helpless choice, and the men and women adds up to the rapid increase that hires information to make new style, make an on-the-spot investigation close hire an object to be compared even marry the object is stricter.

50 smooth rice hire 1000 yuan

“1000 yuan the little room that can you rent a two rooms only? This chummage is too tall also, it is to hire really do not rise! ” yesterday, the Xiaolu that seeks room source to Dalian road intermediary was frightened by chummage of high specified number jump. To monthly pay ability is a not small defray really for more than 2000 yuan Xiaolu, can look for a person to close only hire.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter understands from building intermediary, round island and Henan road take western building, hire of month of Xiaofang of 50 square metre already rose to be controlled to 1000 yuan from 700 yuan or so, many buildings rent the price to had exceeded 1200 yuan. In addition, the area austral city north area and city inside the urban house price that rent was experienced one round rise, among them small family go up the biggest, the little room with had found the form a complete set under 1000 yuan of hire very hard better in the area austral southern part of city north division and city, a lot of gens that rent a house had felt pressure is heavy.

The opposite sex closes hire begin popularity

Come day after day, the reporter makes investigating discover when understanding in rental to urban building circumstance, a lot of youths are ease pressure, begin to seek close hire (group hire) , and the opposite sex of two above closes hire making new style.