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Hire room old practice: Go hiring chummage to give a paragraph of true love to c
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■ tell about: Lei Lei (alias)

■ sexual distinction: Female

■ the age: 28 years old

■ record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning

■ profession: Employee

After first love male friend sees the little room of my home, part company cloudily with me, because he feels to struggle for oneself,come to a small home cannot be afraid of, but should add a home more, can't bear heavy burden.

He begins to often rent to mine the Dong Xiuxiu in the room is collected on the west, bilking the meaning that does not take a bit. I drive him to go out, he says, does otherwise go out to sit?

One day, we have a meal outside, he suddenly pick up thread of discourse: “ I buy a house to you, you and your pa Mom are living first. ”

He has “ so sincerity, it why to explain with your parents is clear to why to explain with your parents? ”“ if they knew this thing, they won't stay in even new building, I understand my pa Mom. ”

Lei Lei says a tongue, although be a careless girl, but the contradiction on to how handling marriage and parents traditional acknowledge, showed the discretion that comparative and patience however.

Amative · house

My pa Mom is a retired worker, they from marry in a living quarter that has to live in the factory to divide all the time, live fast 30 years, the age of this house is older than me. Do not feel in one's childhood what, big just know this house is affected to mine.

China has an adage: “ child do not disrelish Mu Chou, the dog does not disrelish a deficient. I pay no attention to ” actually the family is squeezed, but my first love male friend is however because of what see such situation and part company cloudily with me, because he feels to struggle for oneself,come to a small home cannot be afraid of, but add a home more even, can't bear heavy burden.

The 2nd my male friend does not care about my wife and children, but appointment became difficult problem, cannot always go to his home?

After parting company the 2nd times, have one year I talk about a friend no longer between a long time. Eventually one day, father looked for me to talk very long. My father is a not talktive person, he always uses up himself silently to be able to work for this home, he says, his this lifetime such, big original story of it doesn't matter, also cannot change the current situation, but do not think be a burden on me, want me to go out to lease a building so, such Tan Lian love are some more convenient also.

I listened to “ in the heart afflictive, but if not such, the meeting in their heart is more afflictive, I can do exclusively, it is oneself try hard well, solve the housing problem in the home as soon as possible. Expression of ” bud bud is determined, her brow is very wide, have man energy of life.

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