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Had signed the contract that rent to prevent feline be bored with clever broken
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Many person that rent a house ever had encountered such nest heart thing: Work laboriously finds an appropriate room, want how to set his mind at a person's mind lives for some time, met ” of brutal “ Lilliputian unluckily however, worry on the problem of money. Oneself ever also had seen many feline be bored with that rent a house and action way from media, blame only quite at the outset too careless or the heart is too soft, consideration not week, agreement is not clear, the scholar received as a result now arms —— rational says not clear. Encounter this kind of situation, we always are “ adult not plan Lilliputian crosses ” , think the important matter changed small, bagatelle, but total hold back is strong nevertheless in the heart come, then dark be determined: Rent a house later, must “ as person of low position first, hind gentleman ” .

Persist unreasonably is strong collect fees

A Hai comes out to work to Beijing from native place, room of a half subterranean sought around peaceful door, looked at those who hold out clean to be hired come down. Lived before long, the sheet urging a fund that he discovers to door mouth always has cost of a few water, cost burning gas, call cost. A Hai thinks, oneself just moved in before long, how to use water at all, also do not have on fire to cook, do not have more had made a telephone call, this money need not oneself pay, also did not care about. However, landlord searchs later come, just let A Yang all debt settle, without by without what occupy, also explain not be clear about after all is whose expenditure, “ goes out outer, ” of calamity of disappear of suffer unexpected personal financial losses, he is forced “ dummy eats ”—— of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread to suffering does not say.


When renting a house, no matter trade under the counter or both sides reachs consensus through intermediary company, the contract must be signed again after the property with formal course makes check process. State all article inside house in detail " property makes check detailed list " , make clear establishment of window of the electric equipment inside house, door to have nondestructive bad; If relevant equipment appears breakdown, upkeep costs is assumed by who; The relevant charge such as water, gas, report, phone whether settle. Next, had controlled this detailed account as contract accessory, a mere verbal statement is no guarantee when lest appear in the future,be being bothered. Offer poineering youth cheap to hire room room source to solve difficult problem of college graduate housing

Concoct various pretexts buckles cash pledge

Small fragrant be less than with fellow villager sister close leased a building, the initial deposit that rent a house is less than one person to hand in, because the job is fluctuant,be less than later want to move, and small fragrant want to stay to continue to live here however. Then, 2 people decide small fragrant return the deposit that rent a house first be less than, wait for a contract to expire small fragrant when taking away, liquidate with landlord again. When the contract is about to expire, small fragrant the house with take a fancy to a hire more cheap, and signed a contract with condition of negotiate of the other side. Subsequently, small fragrant find gold of landlord return a deposit, but the place that landlord thinks the building has damage, the requirement deducts cash pledge, let her live again otherwise a month touchs sequestered gold. Small fragrant foolish eye, be immersed in condition of be in a dilemma.
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