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The person that difficult differentiate of room information true and false is hi
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According to introducing, renting is an information releases platform not only, still be a “ ” of Ji of the secret that rent a house: Include the common sense that rent a house, remind, case analysis, contract model a series of practical very strong service message, if why the person of information of the OK and directive website that browse protects oneself rights and interests in trade, reduce risk probability. Time of should beautiful before renting a house dot reads the citizen carefully, study academic knowledge, “ grinds a knife not to chop Chai Gong ” by accident. For example case " did rental room air conditioning become bad by who ought to be in charge of repairing? " in, landlord asks lodger will assume maintenance responsibility, although lodger feels very injustice, but still yielded finally. Actually basis " contract law " , “ lessor is had to hack building and establishment of form a complete set assure quality and the obligation that use normally, answer to assume reparative charge ” by lessor, because do not know a law to be given “ hole ” by landlord,lodger is.

Li Xie says, difficult differentiate of true and false of the information on the net, do not have again objective can identify way.

The room that sees to narrow the person that rent a house will come as far as possible and information describe the deviation between, arrived partly at 8 o'clock from in the morning in the evening at 9 o'clock half, the staff member can ascend every online information to be checked through the phone to landlord, it is information gets online 20 minutes commonly inside. In addition, the staff member still can use professional knowledge, offer reasonable proposal to the rental price of landlord hang out. The room source rent that ever had the 60 square metre near opening of a new market for instance 500 yuan, be too low apparently, the staff member can suggest to carry valence to be controlled to 1500 yuan. “ is done so is to protect landlord and the interest with the bilateral person that rent a house. ”

“ network news is optional the gender is big, do not look to give landlord, sublessor and intermediary at all. ”

Li Xie warns a citizen, resolution method actually very simple, see house property card, land card and id card of property right person. Those who hold original is landlord, those who take Xerox is sublessor and intermediary. If be relet, must landlord agrees with the certify to of relet. To reduce a risk, canal of neighbour, content, security personnel can be interviewed stealthily when suggesting the person that rent a house sees a room, may get a few information. Hiring room busy season, often a house has hesitation a bit by ” of other “ the swift-footed arrive first, ” of cheater of a few “ uses the state of mind with the anxious person that rent a house, put forward to hand in “ deposit ” to say first, push say “ will see ” of house property card to you tomorrow, ” of result “ cheater whirls deposit to evaporate with respect to “ world ” , afterthought of the person that rent a house not is reached. Li Xie warns a citizen, when making deposit, must sign the contract, though deposit is 50 yuan of —200 only or so yuan, but “ cheater ” fools one day a few people, its conduct is really outrageous.
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