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The market that rent how the concern that business chance of race to control hir
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Hire a room to also can buy insurance

Landlord can try to use insurance at the same time tool of this one conduct financial transactions. During the building is rented, common issue basically is in centrally encounter building equipment breakdown, theft, rob when waiting for an accident, should come by who after all on the problem that “ buries odd ” . Be aimed at this one problem, a few insurance company rolled out “ landlord comprehensive insurance ” and “ rent a settle or live in a strange place comprehensive insurance ” , want to spend 100 yuan every year only, the irritated worry that rents a house vanishs completely “ ” . In the meantime, a few advocate it is danger of indoor belongings loss nearly, lowermost insurance cost wants 15 yuan only, can provide 1 year of 20 thousand yuan safeguard for the belongings in the home.

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