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The market that rent how the concern that business chance of race to control hir
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Landlord is reasonable calm price

In house property new politics in regulation, pass on of the housing inside 5 years should press sum pay business tax, this makes many people begin to turn to the market that rent, gain chummage income regularly already, can the deadline that “ boils ” to pass 5 years. But grow in quantity of source of room of the building market that rent, the room that lodger can choose is big, how can you just promote oneself price that rent a house?

Need reasonable fixed position above all. Every area has his chummage price limits, landlord can go to circumjacent building intermediary company to know congener house roughly hire. Finished to be investigated basically, think method begins to promote his the additional cost of the house next.

Actually, of rental room decorate do not need luxurious, sometimes concise can achieve high rental rate instead with simple but elegant. With at present every make the same score the bridal chamber on market rice 1000 yuan decorate a standard to look, if be used at renting, every square metre 500 yuan the following enough.

Might as well make great efforts on flexible packaging more, there should be new idea on the choose and buy of furniture and home appliance especially. Furniture is usable simpler but individualize, home appliance can arrive secondhand goods market and sale go “ cleaning out ” on the meeting. Such you are OK more circumjacent rent is average the price is high 10 % hang out goes, although encounter counter-bid, still can obtain more satisfactory price. Notable is, there is technical company on the market at present responsible and secondhand of the room decorate, charge is the 30 % of lunar hire.

Lodger is on-the-spot careful examination

To renting a house person for, the room source on the market became much it is meddlesome admittedly, but if indistinct market level, do not walk along transparent operating sequence, may suffer a loss.

When choosing room source, should undertake on-the-spot reconnaissance above all, include door model, daylighting, quiet, the circumstance such as establishment of circumjacent transportation situation, form a complete set, very essential is to see the daily installation such as water and electricity, toilet bowl whether position is good, best all home appliance try out, check plug whether leakage of electricity, gas whether leak. After the fundamental condition that knew the market, through visitting the inquiry on intermediary and net, of the rent that can know a house roughly price, the bottom line holds when argy-bargy.

“ bright ” is to point to clear price not only, it is to point to more should have the transparent program that rent a house. At present a lot of people seek a room through intermediary company. The person that rent a house remembers make clear whether does the other side have industrial and commercial charter and letter of intelligence of orgnaization of broker of real estate department, must not hide the truth from a company to clinch a deal under the counter with agent individual. A little factitious and economic intermediary is expended, pay rake-off to make sheet under the counter to agent, may suffer a loss for nothing nowhere chases after countervail.
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