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Home appliance is all ready rise hundreds of yuan hire a room to want trap of be
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The reporter rented the market to understand from the building recently, not little intermediary company is when rental building, a lot of adopt purchase in having rental Fangyuan oneself secondhand the method of home appliance, will to the person that rent a house add collect rent, score more gain thereby, some rents to reach agreement, avoid even receive charge of intermediary of the person that rent a house to wait. But because secondhand a lot of quality cannot ensure home appliance, so a lot of people that rent a house are in use process be nervous, because some returning secondhand problem of home appliance quality took many having a deficit.

Home appliance is all ready chummage rises hundreds of

The reporter understands from some intermediary company, a 80 square metre of this company that are located in 5 stone cover 3 housing, because was 2000,be repaired before, without environment of what community afforest, every months of hire is 800 yuan, but wait without any electric home appliances

As we have learned, it is at present in the renting market of Chengdu, the rental room that matchs neat home appliance often is valued in market Central Africa, the life after a lot of people that rent a house think it is the most important to rent a house is to be entered is convenient, and bring home appliance house, although want every months to pay hundreds of yuan of rent more, a lot of people express to be able to be accepted. “ I am close together with the classmate hire, come down on average every months everybody is much also not how many rent, the Xiaoli that ” goes to work in company of a network tells a reporter; Same, miss Zhou that just graduates from the university also thinks, “ lives in the rental room that takes home appliance, the life rises went to the lavatory a lot of, washing machine, television is daily life need mediumly machine parts or tools kept in reserve. ”

Secondhand home appliance hides safe hidden trouble

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, intermediary company is met commonly the particular case according to room source, undertake 2 times packing, deploying home appliance among them is a the most serious content, to seek profit the biggest change, these electric equipment are to come from commonly secondhand home appliance market. Generally speaking, what place of one flatlet house needs is common and secondhand electric home appliances Previous12 Next