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Be away on official business a few days to rent the room was changed " master "
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On June 13, li Changgong and Zhang Zhongde were signed " the agreement that rent a house " , conventional plum is rented piece be located in cottage this world a house that road of Ou Gongchen street visits a the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to restore a building is used as living room; Lease a year; Building hire 1800 yuan / season, cash pledge 600 yuan. After the contract is signed, piece collection plum the rent of a quarter, cash pledge, cable television cost, wholesome cost is total 2450 yuan. On June 17, plum move into this room to be entered.

In June the last ten-day of a month, li Yin job needs to be away on official business outer, will come back from the other place when her on July 1 when the door is locked up, the key that discovers oneself cannot open door lock unexpectedly, feeling puzzled in her during, one is opening the door in the girl of room shampoo, the girl expresses piece had leased the building to oneself, oneself the “ master ” that now is this building. Li Da eats one Jing, find Zhang Xun to ask main content then, unexpectedly piece ill-mannered. See communication all up, indictment of Li Yi paper told landlord the court, requirement refund recoups a loss.

On the court, zhang Ren is is plum move break a contact prevenient, accordingly he just leases the building to others. Plum explain oneself and did not move, just needed to be away on official business a few days as a result of the job, and she already consign chummage, basis " the agreement that rent a house " the regulation is during the agreement inside, building access puts in her 's charge all, piece non-privileged in her door lock changes below the circumstance of know the inside story none, and lease the building others, piece the interest that behavior of break a contact harmed her.