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Buy a room to be inferior to hiring a room to very much 3 kinds of people choose
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The expert points out, the housing of our country has first place of world of rate tall house oneself, town family is 80% , the country is 100% . Even if is in developed country, average housing has the dweller oneself rate also be only 50% the left and right sides, the United States is 65.5% , switzerland is 42% , england is 46% . Be in Euramerican, Japan and Hong Kong area, also not be most kid just had a job to buy property right house, popular housing fashion is to hire the " gradient housing that the house buys after the room to consume " mode first. This is market economy society in most the housing that is advocated consumes an idea. The expert thinks, renting a house to 3 kinds of people is more rational choice.

The youth of duty field is entered at the beginning of 1.

According to the reporter understanding arrives, among the graduate that buys a house for the most part at present, parents offers the situation that buys room head to pay to hold great majority, although for the earlier to doing poineering work person that buy a house, to improve living quality, offer a paid form to buy a house with parents have not cannot. But generally speaking, the youth month income that just works is controlled in 3000 yuan about, deduct living cost, general every months of at hand is OK the fund that the palm controls makes an appointment with 1500 yuan. Current for Guangzhou hire price, the undergraduate of strong finish school still rents a house, close especially hire compare be to one's profit. If spend the money of parental provide for the aged at a draught,buying a house, no matter be returned from morality and justice,be from risk angle for, not should.

2. job fluidity is greater crowd

In recent years, as a result of working fluidity increase, change the job, common occurrence that finds new job to already became a youth, the house is bought when the job has not form relative stability, once the job is brought into play, occurrence unit and abode are apart from further circumstance, can produce the traffic cost expenses that brushstroke does not poor from this. Expert of conduct financial transactions expresses, this kind of crowd had better lease a building or close with the person lease a building. Because do not have belt the fixed assets that does not go, will go free, can the enterprise that of one mind grows him.

The person with 3. not steady income

Well-known, by 2004 up to now, loan interest rate already appeared 3 times to go up tone, loan of orgnaization of finance of the attune on the Central Bank since April 28 is standard this year interest rate. Financial orgnaization a year period loan moves 0.27 percent on standard interest rate, by active 5.58% rise 5.85% , 5 years of above by 6.12% adjust for 6.39% ; Housing accumulation fund moves 0.18 percent on loan interest rate. Interest rate go up again tone, the economic burden of usurer increases, little criterion a few yuan, many hundreds yuan. And the person with working poor stability, if do not combine condition of actual consideration economy, borrow money blindly blindly buy a house, can appear to return borrowed case hard not only, because cannot be returned,be borrowed likely still and make house property is confiscated by the bank.
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