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Oneself are anxious lease a building! ! (Battalion mouth)
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Contact: Yu Xin
Email: Yuxin1314@163.com
Address: Before battalion mouth stands
Mobile phone: 13464759758
QQ: Hire 271734137 months: The face is discussed
Bedroom: One house
Whether intermediary: Blame intermediary
Have posture place: Liaoning - battalion mouth

This city person, male, 23 years old, have the job, , the hire reconsideration when seeing a room. Because lease cannot decide, so hire can be a month is handed in only, be at ease please nevertheless, this everybody tastes beautiful, hit on hire. The requirement has simple life facilities to be able to be entered directly. My close hire associate to must tell sanitation, without unhealthy addiction, the pet that does not raise full ground to run (those who close in basket is OK) , had better not have inmate of male and female

Oneself are very anxious