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Light gas stove one day " burn " 100 yuan of cheap hired a room to warm oneself
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What Yantai citizen Mr Liu lives is cheap rents a house, of installation is combustion conduit gas wall hung warm oneself establishment, warm oneself everyday expend nearly 100 yuan. Because cost is too high, did not have be willing to part with or use to use at all winter last year. At present, he is this year the warm oneselfing in the winter the problem is anxious.

8 days, the reporter comes to village of Zhi Fu Ou Chuncheng 28 unit of 14 buildings in the home of Mr Liu. The reporter notices, there is stove of a hanging in the kitchen of his home. The gentleman that occupy Liu introduces, furnace of this kind of hanging should burn 20 much stere one day gas, one stere is gas 4 yuan many, calculate come down one day to be about nearly 100 yuan of money, cheap hires room user to be used at all do not rise. Neighbour Mr Lv of Mr Liu tells a reporter, hanging furnace is to develop business to give freely of outfit, but the great majority in this unit building is cheap rents a house, besides 28 unit, inside the village other enter rate achieve the unit building of 70% to had converted center heating. Oneself and neighbour find development business to talk things over for many times, the hope can give concentration heating, but development business pleads again and again.

Live in 28 unit Ms. Li of 3 buildings tells a reporter, the house that this unit has 2/3 is cheap rents a house, additionally 1/3 sell external according to market price. Oneself house is bought according to market price namely, the hanging furnace that installation also is in the house warms oneself, cost is very high, did not have be willing to part with or use to use in the winter last year, the conduit in the home freezes cracked. Will begin September this year, the concentration that she looks for development business to negotiate a hope to be able to use Yantai heating, develop the answer after business says the National Day. Seek development business today again, they let him dweller seek heat addition company directly.

Much at 11 o'clock 8 days morning, the development business Yantai that the reporter follows to come to Chun Cheng village course of study of grand abundant buy limited company. The staff member tells a reporter, concerned leader is absent, oneself cannot reply, the door that closes the office leaves. Subsequently, the reporter comes to Yantai service center of client of firm of 500 heat addition seeks advice. This center is in charge of the moustache that heating registers surnaming a staff member to tell a reporter, if the village of new development is entered rate achieve a requirement, cover range in conduit inside, can offer concentration heating. Business of general need development comes over to unite undertake registering. Afternoon at 2 o'clock, the reporter dials telephone of company of estate of grand abundant buy, nobody are received listen. Much at 4 o'clock afternoon bell, the reporter dials a telephone again, unmanned still receive listen.

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