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College " put in a suitable place to breed " big 4 students outside school hires
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New term terms begins just a many month, nanjing is very how old 4 students had done not have a class. “ we are whole hall class does not have Dasiyi, term begins after paying 6800 yuan tuition, the teacher assigned sole task: Did not forget to pat graduation to illuminate to moment! ” Nanjing some college passes a courtyard newly broadcasting television playwright-director is student Xiaozhou (alias) tell a reporter, very how old 4 classmates put in a suitable place to breed at “ now ” condition, somebody even all the day bubble is in the stock market.

Big the 4 feelings that do not have a class are shifted to an earlier date “ abandons ”

Let Xiaozhou one year without the class these are big 4 students feel some are accident. Although “ knows big 4 meetings give attention to two or morethings applies for a job to student exercitation, curricular arrangement is opposite less, but a class did not let a person feel thousands of yuan tuition is handed in so that treat unjustly, obviously 4 years undergraduate course is done so that resemble three-year institution of higher learning 3 years same. ” reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, the school delivered recommendation of a piece of exercitation to every student, next next the thing is whole by consciousness. This semester does not illuminate Mr. “ a lot of teachers to the face at all, although do not have a class very free, but feel oneself are shifted to an earlier date by the school ‘ abandons ’ . ”

Xiaozhou is foreigner, when contacting exercitation unit, oneself touched a wall. “ feels a little isolated not to have aid, the school offers recommendation to do not have more helps only. ” does not have a class, xiaozhou all the day idle is in the dormitory. One year tuition handed in “ , the dormitory does not live much regrettablly, my home condition is bad, live in school cost a bit lower. ” Xiaozhou did not tell a family member this semester does not have a class, “ tells them is to give his picky, want to my take an examination ofing grinds or apply for a job for certain, be in charge of oneself as oneself, read a book, if what have,good exercitation chance tries. ”

Tuitional 12000 yuan attend class of an obtain employment

The reporter in interviewing discovers, although big 4 students do not have a class one year is individual phenomenon, but many colleges are right really big 4 students adopt “ to put in a suitable place to breed ” manner, a year also with respect to 34 course, become warped to the student the class also opens an eye to close a key point. Xiaochen is some college rises only this student, go up this year big 4, to the end of this month in and month out he is finished all big 4 course, it is OK to need to will make a paper in May in next year only next. “ is big 4 coach with respect to obtain employment of ——— of a class, went up a month ended, but tuition is illuminated close, one year 12000 multivariate, the cost with this direct obtain employment is too high also! ” reporter understands, because of course little, time is empty, a few big 4 students are frying big time flower even on, weeks of small a few fellow students that say him are bought today will sell tomorrow, staring at grail every day, more punctual than attending class.
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