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Cheap hires room new rule 3 window are perfect " exit " hire government is decid
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The 9 branches such as construction ministry release jointly " cheap hires housing to guarantee idea " (next weighing “ method ”) , will at next month 1 day rises to be carried out formally (our newspaper already reported) yesterday. Yesterday, natural resources of Wuhan city land and personage of house property management board undertook be unscramblinged in detail.

“ exits mechanism ” to get perfecting

“ method ” sets, cheap hires a room to must make clear the utility of hire and terms of payment, building, deadline that rent, go back cheap hires housing to wait method a moment.

Hire cheap housing subtenancy, relet to perhaps be changed except tenant utility, successive 6 months above did not live outside waiting for original provision, without warrant accumulative total 6 months above did not hand in cheap to hire housing hire, also must exit cheap to rent a house.

According to introducing, cheap of a few places hires housing “ not to enter the phase that gives ” only, after its “ exits mechanism ” to perfect, complete change.

Safeguard object wants fair show

“ method ” asks, householder first to seat of registered permanent residence street agency perhaps presses down people government to offer written application, after the first trial that finish, answer to announce householder data Zhang Bang, accept a dweller to supervise.

In addition, degree of difficulty of the domestic income that director branch considers integratedly to ensure an object, housing and application are ordinal, affirmatory and corresponding safeguard means, annulus await order, and after extend finally and deserving to hire a result, should give to the society announce.

After examine and verify is finished, want to undertake 15 the ruler of heaven are shown to according with conditional family.

Hire standard government fixes a price

The economy that cheap hires room subsidy level to develop level and family of difficulty of low income housing according to local economy by local government supports the factor such as ability is certain.

Among them, to family of difficulty of housing of urban low income, can rent housing subsidy level certainly according to the classification such as income circumstance. The housing hire level that objective matchs to hire executes a government to fix a price.

Right bear the family that rents straight canal public house, can give to the hire inside limits of standard of housing safeguard area proper derate.