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Normative sex file " outdated " college " ban hire your " revocatory?
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In April 2004 portion, the student of each college is in Anhui to teach the file vitality of hall according to national Ministry of Education and province, allotted " the announcement that about prohibiting privately of student outside school hires a room to live " . The core spirit of this announcement is: Prohibit stoutly undergraduate privately hires a room to live in outside school, always privately hires a room to live in outside school, want deadline to be moved. And, always hire a room to live via school approval, must not apply for a country to aid learn loan; Privately hires a room to live, cancel its to enjoy fellowship to mix the qualification that judge actor, via persuading still unconverted, want to be handled according to concerned regulation, till compel,leave school. “ is banned hire your ” causes extensive controversy, bring about many legal group public figures object, “ is jural did not set some kind the free ” that the citizen did not rent a house.

According to reporter understanding, begin from 2005, I save each college to already allowed an undergraduate to rent a house conditionally in outside school, cancelled outside school to hire room and fellowship, help the provision that learns ” of loan “ hard link up with. Subsequently, new college one's status as a student manages the file such as the regulation to come on stage in succession, “ is banned hire your ” becomes a mere scrap of paper.

Ban with “ hire make ” same, come out as what replace sexual document newly, original document already was replaced, or already no longer applicable. According to saving education hall concerns chief introduction, abolish this or announce 57 files of invalidation, it is 2001—2007 year the file of partial standard sex that saves educational office print and distribute. Among them, the document of 29 normative sexes that is replaced by place of new normative sex file to main content, give revocatory; Already passed to working life or adjust an object to already disappeared, actually already the normative sex file of invalidation, announce lose effectiveness.

As we have learned, the file that these cancellation still includes " the Anhui province is common Code of Practice of unified exam of high school graduation " (after as a result of next year new tax changes, test of level of high school school work replaced an unified exam) , " about print and distribute the Anhui province is average technical secondary school, medium the announcement that division graduate adjusts guild regulations of of short duration of job changing a style to decide " , " teach fair education about foundation of the Anhui province of print and distribute.