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Step on dish of experience to share: I did streaming with sweat see lodger
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I learn to walk for the first time today dish, try to contact agent for the first time, act those who see lodger experience actual edition to see room experience. So doing is to have 3 objectives actually:

Above all the mainest purpose is the scene seeing a room with true emersion. As a result of working relation, although I am to be in secondhand room category, often also had heard a few stories that see a room at ordinary times, have touching story among them, also have the memory of despise making a person, oneself always are a spectator, can “ drifts with the tide ” . Be in at the same time see buy lodger that grimace, the expression that agent subdues then, I had not been experienced personally, also can be “ echo what other says only ” . So I want to pass my eye, go be being witnessed after all the truth of sth. that the “ in reality sees room ” .

Second purpose matters with the job. As a result of working property, often classmate of a few friends runs to ask me about secondhand of house price go situation and when be the best opportunity that buy a house etc professional problem, and a job also is having close connection with market of a gleam of recently, take the opportunity so go real knowledge nowadays is secondhand the room value of room market is real circumstance, accumulate more market experience, the job that is oneself makes more bedding.

The 3rd purpose is the gregarious ability that wants to exercise his, this purpose is more subjective. Regard a media as the reporter, the basiccest technical ability is with suffer the person that visit to undertake communicating, collect valid data, collect piece. The degree of belief between nowadays society person and person is inferior, the heart window that should open each other needs very strong communication capability and gregarious capability, and before me all the time it may be said is “ retreats ” of house second line, less chance can arrive personally on the market with the person that buy a house, agent speaks directly, so I want to take the opportunity, with ” of “ mouth kongfu very fierce agent has passed to enrol, also can mix do to be bought commonly lodger communicates experience together with the person that buy a house, the desire buying a house that understands them in time and the present state of mind that buy a house.

Above all my part is to act to buy what the room marries first buy course of study person, agreed the agent of a “ is big ” goes seeing a room, the spot that sees a room is two buildings near overseas Chinese hospital dish, one is garden of horse race ground, one is mountain villa of emerald green lake. These two buildings dish it is to have two representative kinds of disparate buildings quite dish type. It is garden of horse race ground above all, belong to Lou Ling already full room of ocean of elevator of small high level, build at edition of popular Pearl River new city piece, draw near and south university and overseas Chinese hospital. Another is mountain villa of emerald green lake, firm open quotation when once was 10 buildings of Guangzhou town dish one of, lou Ling is a bit long, with style of modernization of garden of horse race ground strong performance differs, the characteristic with the most outstanding mountain villa of emerald green lake is its culture lasting appeal. Guide enthusiasticly in agent below, I arrive personally these two buildings dish make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot. The interval of the room and sit to recommend Lou Panxin with its what write above breath is basically identical, as to floor area and building dish the discrepancy that circumjacent environment has a bit, one kind this is intermediary probably promotes skill.
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