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Bureau of Guangzhou room canal publishs hire reference price: Buy the residence
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Nowadays, hire of house of region of 2 Sha Dao big access of Guangzhou, misty rain is highest; Hire of office building of north of the Milky way, Lin Hexi, Lin Hedong road is the most expensive; Big south the road spreads hire with Beijing distance business of north the most expensive, first achieve every months 1511 yuan / square metre, and go up than the referenced price 2007 panel height is amounted to 26% , under photograph comparing, residential hire goes up finite. Yesterday (on September 26) , bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land was announced 10 region house hire of Guangzhou city are referenced 2008 valence, referenced to hire price undertook be updatinged annually.

Price of new edition reference is more more complete than 2007 year

Building hire consulted the work out of valence works to be consulted by town house hire valence task group is finished 2008, determine uses data is annual building rented data 2007, determine fiducial day is on July 1, 2007. Task group collects data extensively, calculate repeatedly revise, with all possible means survey argumentation, form finally building hire is referenced 2008 price gain. Town house rents administrative institute to express, building hire is referenced 2008 valence and 2007 photograph assimilate to necessary improvement.

In referenced price, building category cent is the 4 large categories such as the residence, commerce, office building and workshop storehouse. Among them commercial cent is “ ” of layer of blame head of first ” and “ two kinds; Residential cent is “ low layer ” , “ is multilayer ” and ” of “ high level 3 kinds (total floor is 1 ~ it is ” of “ low layer 3 layers, 4 ~ are “ 9 layers multilayer ” , layer and 10 10 above are ”) of “ high level.

In the hire reference price that announces this, low layer and multilayer residential hire is the most expensive in road of big access of 2 sanded islands, misty rain, it is every months respectively 109 yuan / square metre mixes 91 yuan / square metre, compare 100 yuan of 2007 respectively / square metre mixes 85 yuan / square metre is small go up 9% with 7% ; Because 2 sanded islands do not have high-level residence, high-level residence is the most expensive is Lin Hejie, every months 76 yuan / square metre, compare with photograph of referenced 2007 price, did not change; Commercial head layer remains Beijing way with hire of blame head layer (big south road with north) the most expensive, be as high as every months respectively 1511 yuan / square metre, blame head layer amounts to 325 yuan / square metre, rise than referenced 2007 price respectively 311 yuan / square metre mixes 35 yuan / square metre, go up panel height is amounted to 26% with 12% ; Office building is the most expensive in north of the Milky way, Lin Hexi, Lin Hedong road, achieve every months 111 yuan / square metre, compare region of the costliest 2007 north of the Milky way every months 90 yuan / the referenced price tower above of square metre 23% ; Xi Hualu of workshop storehouse hire is the most expensive, every months 38 yuan / square metre.
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