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Do not let cheap hire a room to become " drive out " of the poor another " accom
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Guangzhou built a large community in golden alluvion 2007, and with every square metre 1 yuan hire, hire cheap chummage gives low income the citizen. But because golden alluvion is devious, lack establishment of form a complete set, traffic inconvenience, life cost tall look forward to makes incessantly of tenement complain of suffering. As we have learned, enter at present rate is still insufficient 1/3. (On September 24 " new capital signs up for " ) governmental construction cheap rents a house, main purpose is to pass improvement condition of difficult citizen housing, improve their life quality on one hand, reduce their life cost on the other hand. Should say, guangzhou is improving condition of difficult citizen housing to go up, issued great strength. Build technically not only had community, and rolled out every square metre the plan of benefit civil administration of 1 yuan of hire.

However, because lack establishment of necessary communal form a complete set, occupy cheap hired a room to raise their life cost instead, the word of “ cheap ” that allows cheap to rent a house greatly shrink. Cost the project of the people's livelihood that does not poor, appeared difficult citizen “ lives ” does not remove cheap to hire sky of “ of community of housing of sex of room, safeguard the phenomenon of mew ” , it is to let a person clutch wrist groan really.

Actually, because public facilities does not deserve to cover and let difficult citizen “ live,cheap rents a house the appearance that ” does not have, exist in many cities. At present, a lot of cities rent a house in construction cheap from time to tome thinking of a general character: Cheap leases the site of the room, choose obscure part waits in environs. Because, in every case joins the section with perfect establishment of aperient nimble, communal form a complete set, be regarded as the ” of “ city natural resources that lays money with the ground. Also because the position is devious, cheap rents a house whereabouts if all sorts of public facilities want form a complete set, be equal to want ” of “ give somebody a new lease on life, and this will need greater public financial resources to prop up again. In financial capacity temporarily below the circumstance of disallowance, the phenomenon that difficult citizen “ stays in not to remove ” cheap to rent a house is become inevitable.

Difficult citizen “ lives not to remove ” cheap to hire the occurrence of room phenomenon, toward light in say, it is a consideration not, toward heavy in say, it is many urban supervisor not with civilian for this, with be being put in the first place truly originally artificially. The city should be managed admittedly should develop, but we build a city to expand final order of the city, it is to no matter,let a citizen as far as possible however the rich and the poor, can live and work in peace and contentment in the city, can get due public service. We can never make the city that belongs to commonweal originally communal serve establishment, become the resource that can be bought with “ money ” . In tall house price already the poor in the city ceaseless “ drives out while ” gives a city, “ cheap hires room ” to should not become “ to drive out another channel of ” poor.
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