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Solve housing problem to need cheap of meaning of the real situation to rent a h
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Guangzhou built a large new community in alluvion of gold of white cloud area 2007, include cheap to hire room, economy the applicable room, room that answer change. To satisfy double strand especially door housing demand, guangzhou city with every square metre 1 yuan hire, hire cheap chummage gives the low income that accords with a condition the citizen. Xie Zhongkang of worker of come off sentry duty after entering golden alluvion 3 times, because discovery lacks establishment of form a complete set, traffic is very disadvantageous, life cost is rising ceaselessly. Because golden alluvion is devious, economic progress level is not high, the job cannot be found at all around, can do some of chore to fend only, husband and wife every months of two public transportation charge are about to make an appointment with 300 yuan. (On September 24 " new capital signs up for " )

Tell the truth, read such news, flavor is not really in author heart, but in many cities, people often sees such setting: On one hand, urban heartland, be given estate business to develop high-grade goods room by sell one's own things, and in low income person applicable room, cheap hires imperative price fixing room, economy the ” of “ policy room such as the room is built further and further from downtown however. Extreme example should be pushed probably be located in city of some provincial capital the ” of city of “ century China western. Because infrastructure is backward, public facilities form a complete set is not quite perfect, should bypass to this village a hill, enter by bike advocate the city zone needs 40 minutes to arrive 1 hour, the bus is very few also. (On December 21, 2007 " new capital signs up for " ) .

In facing low income person applicable room, cheap hires room of construction price fixing, economy the ” of “ policy room such as the room, must mature their life is real. In low income person do not have income of how many economy originally, let them live in excessively long-distance from downtown devious place, traffic, job, life should pay a lot of additional cost apparently, if these are additional what cost exceeded them is actual bear ability, then they live over to be able to can't bear its sufferring from, make housing ensures policy to sell at a discount greatly finally.

Solve masses housing problem to need intendment of the real situation. Should make price fixing room, economy applicable room, cheap hires a room to wait for ” of “ policy room real benefit and in low income person, need each district dares to yield benefit to masses, take the better lot of a few urban districts, such ability let housing ensure policy to produce due effect.