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Bao Jie brings into class of rental room star dirty random lodger bans criterion
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Before two days, the uncle of dweller Chen Linde of village of the center austral community of hill of melon of arch villa area, get the garbage can of an orange gladly from community, put doorway is in the home. Chen Dabai is special still be versed in the ab extra Wu in leasing the home personnel cried one case, tell everybody: Throw rubbish later, must enter case; The person that throw rubbish in disorder, cancel to hire room qualification!

Melon hill community is located in copula of outskirts of a city, almost the member that every family has worker of ab extra Wu is hired.

2003, community rolled out method of assess of class of rental confidential star, 6 respects such as the safe facilities circumstance of will rental building regard judge as the basis, solved public security difficult problem effectively, promoted hobo and coexist of local masses harmony. But because of a large number of ab extra Wu work staff gathers, individual resident behavior is uncivilized, wholesome Bao Jie became a sore point of community all the time. Last year, community is every the home deserved every to send ringent ligneous dustbin. But because of dustbin all round dirtier, a lot of people removed “ to nod ” of shoot a basket surely with respect to practice, the rubbish bag of result “ ” fell the ground, be like day of blast like female loose cotton come, accentuated further again the difficulty that protect clean. And, after ligneous dustbin wind blows drench, also damaged a lot of.

Before before long, community classics discusses a decision for many times too, also brought into wholesome Bao Jie class of rental confidential star criterion for evaluation. The standard made clear landlord one day one small sweep, swept greatly in January, one season one punish; Court is reached after the house before holding a house clean and neat, without ditch seeper, without mud effluvial, do not huddle to be put in disorder wait for the obligation that protect clean.

Otherwise, the astral class rank that reduces rental room. The regulation comes on stage, like Chen Dabai class of such old brand SamSung gives tenement to take the lead in arousing rise, raise strict requirement to lodger in succession. Because “ is wholesome problem, broke gold-lettered signboard to be able to be no good. Now, community is assessed to us, we also should have a demand to lodger: Again informal chaos pours rubbish, cannot live again here. ”

Begin to coordinate an activity, melon hill community fundses raised by oneself, will first 100 every 60 yuan of ash-bin, distribute Na Yuan village in each resident home. Look is worn half meters many tall, 44, the beautiful garbage can that taking “ cap ” again is garrisoned door mouth, dweller and bear the autonomic consciousness of tenement also increases greatly. It is reported, the 2nd batch of beautiful ash-bin being had been being driven in making, before long but ” of “ mount guard. In addition, community retained the firm that protect clean technically still, the complete set that started processing of community life rubbish works. In the meantime, use a Party member to teach congress, teach time remotely, extend " citizen health teachs manual " , organize conduct propaganda of the wholesome knowledge that protect clean, arouse this locality dweller and staff of work of ab extra Wu together, exert oneself for clean community.
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