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Buy dish to want Guangzhou cheap 40 minutes to hire room form a complete set not
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Before before long, the Xie Zhongkang that lives in alluvion of gold of area of Guangzhou city white cloud 3, the cheap that is moved into about 50 square metre from the old house that has 10 much square metre only so rents a house, this is a thing that makes a person happy originally. However, because cheap hires a room to be located in lack of establishment of devious, form a complete set, after they are moving new home, was immersed in the predicament of life inconvenience.

Current, countrywide each district rents a house in construction cheap. Concerned expert thinks, the government builds cheap to hire a room to want to be ultimate goal in order to improve condition of common people housing not only, should be a target in order to raise common people living standard more.

Establishment of devoid form a complete set buys dish to make a round trip 40 minutes

2007, guangzhou city built a large new community in alluvion of gold of white cloud area, include cheap to hire room, economy the applicable room, room that answer change. To satisfy double strand especially door housing demand, guangzhou city with every square metre 1 yuan month hire, hire cheap chummage gives the low income that accords with a condition the citizen.

However, xie Zhongkang of worker of come off sentry duty after entering golden alluvion 3 times, because lack establishment of form a complete set,discover however, traffic is very disadvantageous, life cost is rising ceaselessly. Xie Zhongkang returns discovery, because golden alluvion is devious, economic progress level is not high, the job cannot be found at all around, can do some of chore to fend only, for this husband and wife every months of two public transportation charge are about to make an appointment with 300 yuan.

In the dweller of new community, old person and the proportion that the patient that weigh disease holds are higher, because this is right demand of medical treatment service is big all the more, but at present, there is a hospital near new community, cannot satisfy the requirement that community dweller sees a doctor at all. In addition, although many tenement had entered much time of new community half an year, but at present new community of whole gold alluvion still does not have investment of any commercial form a complete set to use, buy dish to want back and forth.

Cheap hires a room to distributing to be immersed in choice of be in a dilemma in group of urban periphery low income

As we have learned, of new community of alluvion of current and whole gold enter rate is still insufficient 1/3. Many tenement that include Xie Zhongkang to wait inside also express, although golden alluvion is new the building of community is very pretty, have the balcony, still have store content room, but the establishment of form a complete set that does not have at least and government serve, the life cost of new community is higher still, such cheap rents a house or live not to rise.
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