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"Base rent subject to rent fight," the proposed increase caused by hot low-rent
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Yesterday, this "base rent restricted rental spell" ant "complain" report published in the paper, the cause of public hot, and how to fight rent regulation base rent options and make recommendations. In addition to base rent and rent to fight the phenomenon, the interview, there are more people talking about all residents of the apartment building governance issues. This reporter walked into the district in Changchun City in an apartment interviewed men and women. Residents complain: Tenants noisy group of severely disturbed neighbor comes home late Ms. Gao, who lives in Garden District, Xi'an, Changchun City, said base rent, Ms. Gao can be described as miserable. Ms. Gao said that she lived in the 5th floor, since the beginning of this year, on the 7th floor of 10 neighbors to the house to a young man. "These 10 young people, high heels down the stairs every day sound particularly great, and sometimes do not go home with a key, press the voice disorder in the downstairs door bell." Ms. Gao said that these tenants sometimes also the key to a friend for building residents had no sense of security. Ms. Gao said that the building housing the Ministry promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of goods rental", she very supportive, so that groups can rent regulation and rent to fight the phenomenon. At the same time, Ms. Gao also proposed to introduce more specific ways to strengthen management. Camel Reporter: Let a hundred square meters of housing 32 beds there pocket cafe Base rent, by definition is a lot of people live in the same room house, which some people, mostly low-income people. Yesterday, the reporters in the two areas Fu South Street and the intersection of latitude and longitude column to see a number posted above close to the large and small "men and women apartment" for rent ads. Leave in accordance with the above telephone number, the reporter contacted a "new open man apartment." The man's apartment in a residential building, 6th floor, is six, seventh floor, the more layers, above and below are Sanshiyiting, each room has multiple bunk beds iron beds, bathroom and balcony is the only public space. Guests who are young, some who work night shifts was still asleep. People who have to work, mostly covered with bed clothing, bedding messy. According to the owner, apart from the nightside, 7th floor, there are two beds, other beds have lived. Rental of each bed is 110 yuan per month, in addition to no other related costs. When asked whether the Internet and apartments, the owner pointed to 5 computers behind, said: "This is a few computers with Internet access, a dollar an hour." By this time, few households are playing with smoke at the network edge game, just like a mini bar. This mode of operation a variety of smart, really surprising. After a simple calculation in after the results are more surprising. For example, 7th floor, 100 square meters of housing, a total of 32 beds, two bed occupancy is not removed, the total monthly rent 7th floor at about 3,300 yuan, while the same area of the houses in the rental price of around Changchun to 1,500. Meanwhile, the popular "mini bar" a day "business" 10 hours (at least), for example, the monthly income of 1,500 yuan. In addition to the apartment, the reporter then visited several other apartments similar situation. It is understood that although the overall environment of this apartment is poor, but still subject to the young people of no fixed abode recognition. Ant question: Base rent limit rents to fight us live? Scored in yesterday's newspaper readers of the hotline, there are many support groups rent and rent fight. "If under the new regulations, those of us in the field of low-income family Shang Naqu live in?" In the work of the Xiaojiang Changchun raised a very real problem. Miss Liu was a white-collar workers, the monthly income of 1,500 yuan, she and four colleagues sharing the housing of a Bedroom, average monthly rent is 230 yuan, her very life of the current fight rent satisfied. In addition, Miss Liu said, many young people now have only one child, the independent viability of the need to improve, to fight lease of life for young people not only improve the ability of independent living, but also can improve communication skills. Meanwhile, Miss Lau also recommended that each rent young people, especially girls, should improve security awareness, comprehensive analysis of their own situation, to make the most reasonable choice. Readers Weapon: Restricted "group rents" should be added to "low cost" Base rent for the cancellation of a lease-how to manage the fight, the public expressed their views on Mr. Guo. He said the fight to cancel the policy of rent and a reasonable base rent, but after the abolition of migrant workers and how to solve the housing problems of low-income groups need to relevant departments. He suggested that governments and developers can build a small public rental housing or to the free flow of personnel and scientific unified management. The people Ms. Xie also published a similar view, in order for urban low-income and people of no fixed abode has a fixed residence, the government can build more low-rent housing or affordable housing for their living. Members of the public Mr. Yan said that the New Deal, if the public the discovery of a small apartment where a group of ads or ads rent rent fight to complaints can call the relevant departments to curb this phenomenon in the bud state.