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Xicheng more "sandwich class" live in public rental
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, There will be more people in Wuxi, the housing support under the umbrella of this, live in greater comfort ... ... ◎ question "second Five-Year" Public rental when you can wheel me? "There had heard specifically for college graduates in Wuxi and other types of sandwich layer introduction of a public rental housing, do not know when will my turn?" Zhang look forward to. Early in the year and a half ago, Zhang saw in the media, Wuxi has graduated students for the new rental housing supply, and has begun to accept applications for the message. Zhang has tried to contact with relevant departments, the answer is she can apply for, but now not so much of public rental housing availability, to wait. "I do not know 'second five', I can not live in public rental housing?" Reporters from the city and the Housing Authority was informed that housing security, affordable housing is the "second five" main event during the city's housing construction, and public rental housing is an important part of the housing security system, mainly to solve the down into the sandwich layer housing difficulties. Addition of new jobs, and college students working in the tin-number of years migrant workers have also been incorporated into the housing security object, which means that there are three types of people can enjoy public rental housing. What the public how the access threshold for rent? Mode of application is? Currently "Wuxi public rental housing management approach" are being developed and will soon be enacted, for the application, approval, management and so will clear the details of the regulations. To speed up the construction of public rental housing will be built with affordable housing through other means to advance. Wuxi City, the first large-scale government level with the construction of public rental housing project --- New Street, home construction was started in August of this year, according to the plan, the project was nearly complete sets of public rental housing. At the same time, Wuxi public rental housing not only by the individual level, individual departments to build, but from the city, the industrial park area to work together at different levels to solve. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the city plans to build the housing area of 180 square meters, 28,000 units of public rental housing, and actively encourage the development zone, the employer conditions the construction of public rental housing. It is understood that public rental housing units in Wuxi area of 60 square meters or so, all the houses will be renovated and then rented a simple, leasing personnel can bag check. As we are most concerned about the price of the rent of public rental housing is far below the market price for similar areas by about 60% of the rent charged. Public rental housing, but affordable housing in one. The next 5 years, the city to focus on housing construction to further improve the security system in 2015, the city will form affordable housing, low-cost housing, public rental housing, house renovation and the old village full range of remediation , multi-channel, multi-level security system, and housing to achieve the goal. New year 7000 set by the fitness room To better protect the Yingbaojinbao realization of housing, "second Five-Year" period, the city will vigorously promote the development of affordable housing, on the one hand is to increase market supply and the other will lower the protection of an appropriate threshold. According to "second Five-Year" plan, the city will ensure that each year 7,000 units of affordable housing starts, Shiwupeizu 400 sets of low-rent housing. Currently, the city has implemented a wide stone path north block, Sung Mao Anqing block, dongting block, four Pan Po land bridge block, can be the building area of 1,665,000 square meters of housing, 22,200 units. In 2011, the city can also implement the construction of more than 80 million square meters of housing area and more than 1 million units of construction land. In the specific construction of affordable housing residential homes Rising Phase II, Wai King homes are under construction, will ensure delivery in 2011; New Street home a, Rui Yang, a home, Mao Jing-East Bay homes and homes, 2012 for delivery; East Jing-home A-2, EF Block and Mao Bay homes B, C block, will soon make a new start preparations to ensure that the year started. Can not afford a fitness room for the needy families, low-cost housing also increased supply, through the "acquisition and construction of both" approach to speed up construction of low-rent housing to raise. On this basis, low-cost housing, affordable housing to enjoy the object will also be further expanded. The current conditions of low-rent housing for families in the disposable income of 1,000 yuan, per capita housing area of 15 square meters within the housing difficulties of low-income families. "Twelve Five" period, the low-rent housing supply will be extended to family disposable income in 1800 yuan, per capita housing floor space below 20 square meters in low-income housing for needy families. The current eligibility criteria for affordable housing for the disposable income of households in 1500 yuan, per capita housing area of 15 square meters within the housing difficulties of low-income families. "Twelve Five" period, affordable housing will be extended to families with per capita monthly disposable income in 2300 yuan, per capita housing floor space below 20 square meters in low-income housing for needy families. 10 million square meters of old urban housing renovation "Twelve Five" period, the urban renovation of old residential new target of 10 million square meters. According to reports, from 2011, the city will start the second round of transformation of the old house, that by 2002 the first phase of renovation of the old (old) in residential areas, transformation of 80 million square meters per year over the fundamental transformation of 2015 end; from 2013, built on 1998 years ago, more than 2 million square meters of residential tracts of about 450 million square meters, contradictions and problems from which to select the cell for more new transformation; to 2 million square meters of renovation have not yet isolated the following residential, mainly through a special form of repair, to transform each year. The old village renovation, will "increase, improve facilities, beautify the environment" requirements, to complete annually not less than 80 million square meters of the target. Also continue to be transformed into block 7 piece dilapidated house, with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters, 5290, 20 million square meters of dilapidated buildings scattered transformation.