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Turnover fell 58 city for the rental market survey released rental
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Since the series of "New Deal" has been released, Beijing's second-hand housing market downturn into a dead than alive. Beijing Real Estate Transaction Management Network based on statistical data, 11 mid-(11 -20 days) to sign the city's second-hand housing residential network below the daily average of 500 units, only 494 sets, this is the end of the market rebound following the August trading volume after the minimum value, relatively speaking, is nearly two years of the "freezing point" in the downturn of the stock market, the residential leasing market is showing unrest. The face of "lease purchase cold hot" status, many people see it as a purchase plans to delay the "substitution effect." According to the authoritative Web platform 58 city rental housing channel data, line the city's overall average rent rose about 20%. According to the city Nov. 28 58 am rent data show that in Beijing in November compared to the first half of the amount of rental post in October increased by 15.26% over the same period, the city's monthly rental price is 2805 yuan / month units, some areas rentals 1.75%, the Beijing housing rental market as a whole showed slightly floating down. Volume down, so that buyers continue to wait and see attitude, but for the rental market has played a stimulating effect, this reporter interviewed the largest classifieds site, 58 city head of marketing, he said , changes in the rental market is mainly affected by supply and demand. Although the sale of second-hand housing 58 city since the release of information in the New Deal, remains the amount of information every day tens of thousands of new, but the survey data according to customer visit reports, second-hand housing turnover did not change much. As for the rental market, although as early June to 9 months late peak of the end of the traditional residential leasing, Qiuzu demand declined slightly, but the post count not only the basic rental information has not been dropped, according to survey data obtained from a return visit customer service point of view, volume relative to the peak rental only floats showed slightly decreased, indicating that buyers still wait and see attitude, and "interest rate" and the looming real estate property taxes will undoubtedly increase the cost of ownership, so a lot of idle housing owners simple decoration began after the housing rent, resulting in the amount of rental housing post recently increased significantly. In addition to the official also said the city may be 58 domestic release in the near future "urban rental survey data report."