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Zhangzhuang district or no rent for the winter heating residents prepare
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Heating is not up to last year, charging hard for this year A few days before 10 am, deputy arrived at the west side of Texas City Zhangzhuang KONE Road area. Area residents introduced Zhangzhuang district total of 8 residential buildings, 331 households, district heating boiler has been through this district Collective self-heating furnace. Residents Wu said: "The beginning of the establishment by the developer is responsible for residential property, heating in winter has been good. In 2007, the current permanent Army limited liability company to take over property management of our residential property services Services. In 2007, the 2008 winter heating also can, but last year was because the heating temperature, heating is not standard, heating time is short and aroused great dissatisfaction. "In the guard post outside the door of the cell door, several people gather Together to play cards, they also reflect some of the deputy district heating situation, one resident said: "Last winter heating, the indoor temperature is far from reaching the state standard of heating, my house no more than 12 degrees Celsius. "Many residents echoed around last year, the property's heating services in place, so many people suffered terribly. Residents of Wu said:" I broke his foot last winter, in bed for three months, every day cover a big thick blanket also Feel cold too! " Because of the painful experience of last winter, so many people are now the property is full of contradiction. September, the property company openly soliciting the views of residents heating, residents have said that if the property can not promise heating temperature Degrees, they refused to pay the heating bill. "Can not make me feel warm, why did I have to pay it?" A sister said. Operating at a loss of property is difficult to maintain 4 pm the same day, Deputy City Yong-jun to see the German limited liability company's property management charge zhang. He stated the difficulties encountered by the property. "We in Zhangzhuang district 8 yuan per household per month to receive the tube Management fees, charged only 2,600 yuan per month, while the company needs to pay the property's security, cleaning, maintenance and management staff on a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, we are already operating at a loss. "Talking about heating problems, Zhang Li said that "In recent years, continuous rise in coal prices, technical staff wages rise, people in residential heating costs are not on time, not paid in full, and heating facilities, poorly designed, Pirates of the phenomenon of frequent occurrence of warm, resulting in Heating more than 40 million loss for the period. " List to the Deputy Manager Zhang recent years, the number of owner households pay heating bills, "received a 264 in 2007, was 260 in 2008, 2009, 254, and this year only 50 when the comments are more than response. paid on time Satisfied that the owners of heating costs less year after year, we carry out the work of heating up very difficult. "He said that although the property company has repeatedly said the district's family hardship, living alone and so heating costs can be halved, but In recent years, there has never been more than 20 households had to pay heating costs. Some residents said there had never actually pay the heating bills of households. Residents said the first property for an undertaking to pay the cost temperature "We are all the older people, poor health, so if there is no heating, we may hard to get the winter!" "Now, we want to rent out the winter it! Otherwise, the elderly and children at home simply can not stand ! "" There is no heating, water pipe or something sure to be frozen, and the loss of who is going to pay it ... ... "the face of deputy, many residents voiced their worries and concerns, they want the issue to district heating in winter Be settled, "Heating always burn up we go, if the property can be committed to our residents temperature, less money, I will not pay a penny!" Many residents said. Property companies said that they can not promise the temperature, because the residents are not big time and in full to pay heating costs. "12 residents of a building, if only 4 households pay, that even if heating can be Home residents will not be too hot, because the temperature of the surrounding environment can not it! "Zhang said Building 2, Building 1, and diameter of the heating mains less than 6cm, well short of the standard heating pipe, which is the heating temperature Can guarantee one of the reasons, "because of money problems, residents have been reluctant to modify. Coupled with the aging boiler area, performance can not meet the normal standards, the need for cleaning and maintenance, also need seventy-eight yuan of money." Heating or withdrawal of the property will come to nothing According to reports, the military Zhangzhuang district is never limited liability company to take over property management of the first cell. Manager Zhang said: "This is the place to start my career, I love this district like the students to his alma mater." He said I hope the owners can be resolved through consultation and district heating problem. "Now with our contracted company has written off developers, residential property with whom we signed the contract became null and void the contract. Now we want a small District to form an owners committee, the property can be a service agreement with the owners of the Committee; property costs per square meter rose 2 cents, to maintain the normal operation of the company; the water home from the owner changed to the next corridor. "At present, permanent military objects Industry Co., Ltd. has put up a notice in Zhangzhuang district, said the property is about to leave. But Manager Zhang also said that if residents agree to the requirements of the property, he could immediately sent to the coal district.