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The high school student is making a noise to want to rent a house in outside sch
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Turn as weather time of cool, night lengthens, more and more high school students wait with learning for, put forward “ outside school to hire the requirement of room ” to parents. To this, legal expert is special warn the parent, after must thinking carefully cautiously make a decision, because outside school of high school student rents a house,live sequential can care.

◎ of ◎ news phenomenon

The high school student is making a noise to want to hire a room to live in outside school

Shang Jie of 17 years old, just checked area of Shanghai form sediment a key middle school. Turn as weather cool and the day is so black that the day shine early late, he what ride a bicycle 40 minutes to go to school to the school, more and more feel no-go. 11 before having a holiday, speak of to learn up and down with the classmate too painstaking hind, many classmates laugh at him too moss-grown: “ says with pa Mom, near the school the village hires a room to live! ”

Shang Jie feels very reasonable, return the home to put forward to hire the idea of the room to outside school with parents. Shang Jie thinks parents can respond him racily originally, but refuse what sufferred parents however stoutly. Shang Jie says he wants not to understand, “ I this is it is good, good to learn to be the body ah! Say the economy in the home also allows again! ” can reduce the pain that goes to school by bike in the winter for oneself, shang Jie argues strongly with parents, quarrelled even rise.

The high school student is making a noise to want to hire a room to live to outside school be not individual, “ of high school student hires room gens ” to becoming the “ that show itself on the building market that rent even new army ” . According to the parent and teacher report, at present the outward appearance that rent a house compares the high school student not only general, still have the power that grow in intensity. A middle school teacher tells a reporter, this school hundreds of students, outer rent a house near 1/5.

◎ of ◎ parent bewilderment

The child puts forward outside school to hire room demand

Should agree

Quarrel with the child for the first time, and husband and wife two unanimous still, first time still is in this parental life in Shang Jie. “ the requirement that I feel we cannot promise him. We are afraid of him one person is hired, can produce what thing to expect hard later. The parents of ” Shang Jie says, we do not think “ wait for the child to go out finish sth just regret. ”

But, let Shang Jie's parents what times feeling contradicts is, if because do not have,promise the requirement of child “ reasonable ” , if is this child gone against how to do instead? “ is good for the child originally, the result let the child suffer an injury however. Promise him to rent a house, sequential likelihood is bad; He hires disapprobation room, consequence is likely also and bad. Let our in a dilemma really. How to do? ”
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