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Insist to hire conduct financial transactions of Fang Guoxian Ni to have all the
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Guo Xianni attended beneficent evening dinner last night.

And wireless of another actress Chen Min long did not meet, meet to praise each other.

Guo Xianni attended beneficent evening party last night, she what make fun of newly at conduct propaganda recently says she longs to pat procrastinate, she of in the right way of conduct financial transactions was not affected by financial crisis, she still divulges the near future has the plan that buy a building, want to see punctual machine move again nevertheless.

Guo Xianni makes fun of newly at conduct propaganda of late, come day after day aboard is spent, she says: “ aboard also has encountered a handsome young man, nevertheless I feel embarrassed to strike up a conversation actively, just can look secretly. ” is long did not pat the Guo Xianni that procrastinate more without concealing anything character longs to pat very much now procrastinate, the hope ends at an early date lone.

American finance seismic sea wave, hong Kong suffers an effect badly, many star actor lose money in business. Nevertheless Guo Xianni expresses early before when seeing stock market wave motion is rough, she already had premonition, busy the major stock usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price at hand. As to other stocks, she also holds upbeat mood in the arms to express: I think “ not to manage first it, after all this is long term investment, put it a few years, perhaps can have pick up. ” Guo Xianni also expresses to have surplus money she is willing more buy course of study. And answer Hong Kong from abroad development is so old, she is to renting a house from beginning to end, did not belong to oneself house, because this near future also is considering to whether want to buy a house, nevertheless she feels the house price of Hong Kong still has drop space, she should see punctual machine move again.