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The undergraduate is boycotted " day rents a house " initiate " purify campus "
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Recently, teachers and students of college of technology of Han Dan profession initiated “ to purify campus, make ——— boycott ‘ day to hire room ’ from me! ” autograph activity, start work the advertisement of “ psoriasis ” that “ day leases room ” near cleared campus.

Activity that day, the teachers and students of institute of technology of profession of numerous Han Dan is imprinting “ purifies campus, make ——— boycott ‘ day to hire room ’ from me! The name is signed on the scroll of ” model of written characters, some still wrote down boycott “ day to hire the reasonable proposal of room ” . Volunteer of a few students arrives initiatively still each corners of campus inside and outside, clear “ day leases room ” small advertisement.

According to this academic management fastens counsellor king Sha Introduction Sha, “ day hires room ” in Han Dan each big college periphery becomes surrounded force gradually. Because “ day hires the sanitation of room ” and safe condition to cannot get assuring, and the undergraduate is more short-term rent a house, do not sign the contract that rent commonly, once produce contingency, often very hard thinking fors the time being. The school sponsors this activity, hope to be able to let ground of student consciousness self-discipline boycott “ day to hire room ” on one hand, also hope to be able to cause a society to hire the attention of room phenomenon ” to “ day on the other hand.