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The golden week is taken " fire " day hires chummage lodger 6 becoming is studen
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11 ” of “ during the golden week, day of area of border district of each college week hires Tianjin house business is prosperous. Reporter observe publicly and investigate privately discovers, nearly 6 become visitors are “ gets along here the student sweethearts of ” , outside still having a few, ground student borrows long holiday to come schoolfellow of ferry go to somewhere for shelter or lover amuse oneself.

Everywhere of the information that rent a house is visible

In Tianjin manage is versed in the college such as university of university of university, Tianjin science and technology, Tianjin business college, Tianjin finance and economics, and other places of dormitory of doorway of the advertisement column in campus, conduct propaganda column, dining room, student, the small advertisement everywhere that of all kinds day rents a house is visible. Content is to introduce day of establishment that rent a house how all ready, comfortable, cheap.

Before door of Tianjin business college, the reporter leases the telephone on room advertisement by day, connection hires room boss Wang Mou to a day, follow he goes seeing a room. Walk into Liujia one place area is not large near the house alone in sheet, the reporter sees, the bedroom has an a piece of double bed, old TV, there are kitchen burning gas and chopsticks of bowl of basin of a few boilers in the kitchen, toilet has simple shower bath. The house is very damp nevertheless and very dim, the everywhere on the ground sees the food bag that discard and a few cigarette end. The boss says, this room hire of a day 60 yuan, if be,grow the price to still can talk again.

Hire lodger 6 becoming is sweethearts

Because economic condition of the undergraduate is not very bounteous, want to pursue the way of life of independent, individual character again, so day hires a room to get youth reception fully. Compared with everyday chummage 100 multivariate guesthouse, already be economical goes to the lavatory again. Have in the group that day rents a house want to be resided alone search quiet one's deceased father grind, useful also will hold small-sized party. Introduce according to some day of boss that rent a house, great majority of the person that rent a house is student sweethearts, occupied lodger almost 6 into.

Student sweethearts likes day to rent a house, because can experience “ here,get along the feeling of ” . Return some sweethearts to make the same score time to lie between two ground, use the golden week to spend “ ” of bound of 2 the world. Some college is big 3 students Xiaoliu says, 11 ” of “ grew many students in false dormitory to come home, a person is waited for very alone in the dormitory, come with cummer then low-cost the day that goes to the lavatory again rents a house, shop together, buy food together, cook together, feel small sweet sense. Additional, a few other places come the student of schoolfellow of ferry go to somewhere for shelter and lover also is day of frequenter that rents a house.
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