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Short hire transfer the mainstream " the golden week " each district is secondha
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Rent trade hold windward

Experienced bigger the Shenzhen that adjusts range is secondhand building city, during the golden week buy demand to begin to warm up somewhat. The data that property of Shenzhen beautiful couplet provides shows, with compare at ordinary times, the client sees room quantity rise significantly. Shenzhen market studies department head Xu Feng expresses, to it before 8, will compare September, the number seeing a room inside holiday rose 3 times, and with first the rigid demand client of buy course of study is given priority to.

With Shenzhen inside Shanghaiguan of 3 areas secondhand the room trades the circumstance is exemple, collect lake area and south a mountainous area have relatively clear link than going up. Among them, collect lake area trades measure annulus comparing to grow 32% , and south a mountainous area annulus is compared go up achieve 58% .

Dan Xufeng points out at the same time, from rent the amount that trades with buying and selling to look, rent clinch a deal to be held apparently windward, this may be a client still “ visits the town after sky ” or still financial insolvency head the result of period money.

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