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Wide hand in can extend a week " effect " invalidation weak point leases house l
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Not hopeful whole world economic situation may make current wide hand in meeting travelling merchant and industry to clinch a deal frontal in pairs decreases. Many landed intermediary yesterday (7 days) say, up to now, autumn hand in of the meeting short rent a house relatively in former years decreased 3 become an in part. The industry such as dress, toy exhibits business to predict, autumn hand in of the meeting clinch a deal frontal at least can decrease 3 into.

This wide hand in can move entirely extremely Pa continent exhibits a house to hold, exhibition period is lengthened from 15 original days to 23 days, exhibition area also exceeds 1 million to make the same score rice, be the history most. But in former years is wide hand in what can bring the short ” that rent a house will be in “ to lose effect this year in October. Pa continent exhibits many intermediary near the house to say yesterday, going up early lunar base, big family village, south garden house exhibit a house the owner of around village fills a room, weak point of v/arc sale at reduced prices is hired, but up to yesterday, clinch a deal measure less than in former years at least 35 into. “ is wide hand in meeting 1 period and 3 period essential nobody rents a house. ”

Intermediary thinks, short those who hire reductive reason is in recent years the grow in quantity of economy hotel, make short hire a room to lose price dominant position. But the mainest is crisis of economy of American economic depression, whole world, labor law carry out wait for a series of reasons to cause ginseng exhibit travelling merchant to decrease.

With short hire a room to be encountered together cold still have the state of mind that postpones business. The industry such as dress, toy exhibits business to all express yesterday, right this year autumn hand in can clinch a deal frontal “ is not hopeful ” , estimate manufacturing industry clinch a deal frontal at least can decrease 3 into.

Embellish of toy company Shanghai connects imports and exports of international trade limited company department manager Shi Liang says, this year spring hand in can have been affected, but Euramerican market can reduce inventory after christmas, reckon old client does not maintain, “ clinchs a deal frontal at least drops 3 into. ”