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Xiong Dai forest buys building investment to escape a calamity to already bought
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Xiong Dai forest and overnight of Yao book Yi are the famous model late banquet of charity of Dong Hua night sets an example rare headgear, rebuke Dailindazan is the same as the harbor of field among them the lens on elder sister comparing is beautiful, explode oneself again did not choose the United States too into Lv of the Ceng Kao before travel. Speak of early the financial seismic sea wave before, she laughs at character to was not affected, because oneself love the investment that buy a building, she says: “ my Nanjing has bought the 3rd building, can close for mom hire, (Buy a building to have deny ask Guo Fucheng the opinion? ) do not have, my Nanjing has a friend. ”

Yao Shuyi discloses is evening and acquaintance Zhu Huimin knows 10 old good friends, she laughs say: We ever attended “ together Chinese model match, so my cognizant for ages, she praises I am more and more beautiful! ” in addition, with still have Huang Debin, Cao Minli, Chen Min, Chen Pei fine etc attend.