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80 hind white-collar experience exceeds cruel social life: Do not hire a house o
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Height of escape stream of people, “ curtilage the way that ” grows a holiday too in the home already was accepted by a lot of white-collars in recent years. However, face current situation of small this year increase length a holiday, big reductive length a holiday, 11 ’ of “‘ the golden week cannot be become by bedraggled ” again the consensus of young white-collar. Then, many people begin to be in staff group, friend circle before have a holiday choose bosom friend, drive quiet suburb village oneself, the villa below the bag grows a holiday too. From collective lay a course, rent a car, shop, libertinism, recreational in waiting for a process, with the singleton female the “ gregarious ” that young white-collar of the ” after the “80 that give priority to experienced bout is new lives.

AA makes funds of smooth booth activity

Singleton of the ” after the “80 that Xiaohe is a model female, be engaged in game developing design work at present. Because be afraid of a car, be afraid of queue up, be afraid of the caboodle that plunge into a person, be in before in the golden week, xiaohe often chooses to employ computer in the support in the home, see time of TV fritter away. This year before National Day holiday, xiaohe decides new program golden week grows a holiday.

After communicating with friend and colleague, yearning teleplay " struggle " in the Xiaohe of Utopian ” social life decides “ joy, invite nearly 10 bosom friends, one when hire a car to drive a Yu Qingpu oneself goes vacationing village, the package falls whole 2 buildings villa, make funds of smooth booth activity with AA.

On October 3, xiaohe reachs his 8 good friends set foot on “ gregarious ” is itinerary, xiaohe tells a reporter, travel of “ gregarious ” and attend tourism group to have distinction greatly, “ gregarious ” lives more upgrade like what collective of a kind of university lives edition experience. Attend mobile Xiaojin to feel, gregarious ” of “ length a holiday still can promote the friendship between the friend and independent viability.

Expert: Belong to high-end individuation travel

Want those who experience ” of gregarious “ numerous Le Le to be not minority so like Xiaohe. Reporter Cong Qingpu, Song Jiang, horizontal Sha Dao is in relief even settleclear lake, too the much place villa such as the lake goes vacationing the village learns, during 11 ” of “ grow a holiday this year, villatic rental rate approachs saturation, what occupy dominant to differ with company of in former years, family is, young white-collar AA makes collective hire the trend of the room to increase somewhat. The reporter is in know from many white-collar that chooses “ gregarious ” , press holiday 1500—2500 of villa of a 3 rooms yuan computation, adscititious have a meal, the charge such as travelling expenses, amuse oneself, the brigade average per capita of gregarious ” consumes the “ of 2 days of 1 night to be controlled in 500 yuan. “ can lie fallow already go vacationing, can communicate affection again. Since travels one kind means, also be manner of a kind of life. Such gregarious type travels very the demand that accords with contemporary and young white-collar and high-end tourist. Travel of ” Fudan University learns a department to teach Ba Zhaoxiang to think, this is the performance that traditional travel means grows to means of high-end individuation travel, the area with local economy nicer condition waits in Shanghai, Beijing, the means of individual character travel of type of more high end will from civilian bud.
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