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Secondhand owner by be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels: "Rental " "
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“ 10 years of rivers east 10 years of rivers on the west ” this word, I understand without the person of a few culture! The contrary footing of buyers and sellers can assign on any account from beginning to end! The past of a few two years, bought the home to taste suffering; room former little, competition is big (the person that buys a house is much) , market general trends up (price when the river rises the boat goes up too) , owner one and again again and of 3 oppose price! Money buys acceptability house; to calculate hard bought big also half a lifetime to give it (Fang Nu) ! Good, “ comes out to mix, want to return sooner or later! ”

Now, buy the home to be able to be spat at a heat! Big changeover of the current situation, market fall after a rise! The person “ that buys a house I aed form of a address for an official or rich man namely! ” room source became much; price bamboo shoot; although economy not so boom; but, bought a heart in comfortable also dot!

Everybody is close paragraph time hears old owner of that incident “ to retreat room ” , episode (I feel very do laugh, in 06- - how does business say ” of price of “ filling floor 7 years without development? ) from these can see among the phenomenon, development business is urgent really; was afraid that; sufferred from; end. Develop the capital problem of business, the confidence of the city after be opposite is not worth a problem. Make development business happens to coincide ground “ saves city ” ! It is to send decorating; is sending administration fee; is to send home appliance; the effect bad to send cash; to sell at a discount greatly directly, it is really true depreciate depreciate again. The outlet that just is development business so only also is only outlet, it is the outlet that must choose more. Insufficient even word is connected secondhand the market also was killed come over (everybody hears ” of linkage of hand of “ just a little recently! ) this enrols what became dealer of a lot of development instead to help straw!

That is secondhand the outlet of small or petty proprietor is in He Fang. Oneself thought very long have two ways only, namely two ways with only Mount Hua! Put hire! Depreciate!

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