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"The building stewards " the task increases property to become rent a house " ba
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The bridal chamber that owner buys still does not live, hire environment and community safety to assure the whole of the village, the property company that is in charge of community government does a good turn partook the formidable task that owner rents a house. To this, a lot of owner express to approbate in succession, will new home puts a person's mind to give property company.

Ms. Li just will stop resident of pond buy area September room, as a result of short-term inside family won't live, ms. Li plans to rent bridal chamber. The person that Ms. Li with busier job considers to had better have familiar community case helps her seek the person that rent a house. In the process that controls a house, ms. Li is informed, original property company can regard a building as rented “ bagman ” , satisfied the requirement of Ms. Li basically. In pond buy area a few deal with before long building dish, many owner that have similar plan with Ms. Li consider to entrust property company to search rent a settle or live in a strange place.

As we have learned, seek the patent that renting a settle or live in a strange place had been apartment housing no longer for owner, the property company that rooms of some responsible general goods run also begins to join this one procession. When building consign is used, property company is the same as owner to communicate, be be entered or rent, what can pass office not only is convenience, help owner registers rental information, the whole that still can know community in time hires a condition, what community and owner assure on older rate is safe. The staff member of the property company that provides this service says, they help owner register concerned information more it is to stem from community government and convenient owner consideration, return at present not collection any intermediate charge.