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The thunder person advertisement that university campus rents a house serves as
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The reporter witnesses: The advertisement that rent a house is “ bait ” with condom

The reporter heads for back door of Xi Hua university to see subsequently, aside there are a few pieces really on a tree already by rip off the “LOVE housing of half is short lease ” advertisement. As a result of earthy road have not nap, dust flies upwards, the environment is poorer. The place that “ school side door lodges is some more, compare near back door desolate. A student tells ” the reporter.

And on the telegraph pole inside the officer that approaching side door and phonebooth, the reporter saw this kind of small ad that paper of 2 pieces of common A4 prints likewise, lower part cuts strip, imprint respectively went up to connect a telephone call, among them partial number already was ripped.

Reporter “ experiences ” : Hand in ” of chummage “ landlord to send condom

Reporter immediately dialed the telephone on advertisement with status of student of Xi Hua college, be in of the other side how-to the nearby Xi Huafeng outside coming down to be located in side door forest in a inside community rental room. Reporter discovery, this village doorway is set have security personnel, but the identity that does not ask staff of pass in and out.

Reporter classics asks ask is informed with all possible means, this rental room is hired with partnership of name of room of for private use by student of college of 3 Xi Hua below, among them 2 are in school man student, a schoolgirl that just graduates. Flatlet removes a toilet outside, have 5 small, did only very simple decorate, there are bed and computer desk in the room, computer has a plenty of themselves to use, have a plenty of petty gain to be bought, there is two builds block on every pieces of bed.

” of 3 “ landlord tells a reporter, this covers a house every months chummage 779 yuan, they paid rent of a year, we threw “ each thousands of yuan of money. See others so do (we so did) , be investment. ”3 person still says, “ is decorated as a result of the room is not very good, together with conduct propaganda does not reach the designated position, these days guest of it doesn't matter, the student is more on the weekend. The chummage that ” became a reporter to hand in one day after 25 yuan of money, ” of female “ landlord handed a condom at once reporter.

The reporter visits: “ underground is short hire ” to offer condom more

After leaving Xi Hua college, the reporter visited additionally a few colleges at this point again, the result discovers an undergraduate especially undergraduate sweethearts is outer the situation that hires a room to live is more general, also there is no lack of among them the building relet that somebody hires him below the circumstance that does not have card gives others gain, but what draw a customer avowedly with condom is relatively scarce.
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