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Rent via comfortable room phenomenon with each passing day extremely urgent of m
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Money the press mounted investigation yesterday " antrum of applicable house shortage takes economy board " , echo was caused in the reader. In the meantime, the bureau of canal of Hangzhou town house that 12345 mayors hot line introduced to just give heat again is aimed at economy the findings report that applicable room rents circumstance place is done. The report investigates from what confirmed a reporter on the other hand: Via comfortable room rental case already fitted in Hangzhou general.

In the meantime, the room was in charge of a branch to already offerred relevant proposal to how solving this one problem.

Phenomenon of rental classics comfortable room is common

Hangzhou has a few at present already the village of house of large classics comfortable room of consign, through be informed to the investigation of property: Dong Xinyuan village 5200 in give tenant near 20% ; Village of boreal scene garden many 6000 in rental room near 8% ; City a region of rivers and lakes already had 200 above 6000 times to be used at renting in the building of consign. And from Hangzhou orgnaization of service of intermediary of one large house property understands, the company hangs out his shingle source of applicable housing room has hack economy 1000 or so, occupy a company to rent effectively about 7.6% of room source. These numbers make clear, applicable housing violates economy compasses is rental the phenomenon has been compared in Hangzhou general.

These by hack classics comfortable room, the case is very complex. Press cent of fixed number of year, have did not undertake hack 5 years completely, have already appeared on the market 5 years completely fixed number of year undertakes hack; Press use utility cent, have rental use as the residence, have those who rent as open company, agency is used; Press cent of profession of property right person, personnel of the official that has a government sector, teacher, professional technology, medical personnel, enterprise or business worker of unit staff, come off sentry duty waits, among them service personnel, teacher is special applicable housing scale contrasts economy tall.

Legislative demand extremely urgent

In this findings report, proposal of bureau of canal of Hangzhou town house publishs Hangzhou city economy as soon as possible applicable housing appears on the market trade executive detailed rules or build exit a mechanism.

Current, very big applicable housing gets a batch of economy proof of building property right is full already 5 years, come on stage as soon as possible appear on the market trade executive detailed rules, be helpful for partial economy on one hand the way that applicable housing makes relevant duty expend through filling will acquire complete property right, stimulative building rents the orderly development of the market; Applicable housing owner passes the economy that also can steer improvement of partial economy condition and income to rise on the other hand sell old buy new, with small change old way to improve living condition, the benign loop that applicable housing trades mixes stimulative economy active market of the room that put an amount.
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