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Did dazzle rich advertisement cause disaster? Shang Chen tastes: Rich disturbanc
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I taste soup to give only through a “ the worthy ” of summit summit world, not only with make a clear distinction of ordinary common people bounds, let have even 5 million, the ” of “ wealthy person of 50 million asset also flinchs. Violet garden of 100 million yuan of villatic seas of Shanghai claims “ is " Forbes " the ” that the plute on plute a list of names posted up prepares, somebody by please, also be prickled with respect to somebody. When canning not afford a room to become most person affliction, the rich advertisement of house property dazzle that blot out the sky and cover up the earth appears particularly dazzling.

In May 2007, beijing industrial and commercial bureau takes the lead in compelling demolish the dazzle rich advertisement with overmuch function word; In March 2008, shanghai begins …… of punish dazzle rich advertisement however, the unbalance that whether mere “ bans ” dazzle rich advertisement to you can eliminate people society mentality and feeling be cuttinged apart? Dazzle rich advertisement produces a brand to the ground is a kind of harm after all, be still contribution? The dazzle rich advertisement after Beijing, Shanghai encounters “ bans ” , spreading quickly in 23 lines city however.

Be changed in the city and in tide of landed big development, although a lot of “ the prefecture where the provincial capital is located inside the gorgeous billboard of ” of royal gardens of ” , “ residence ” , “ , those who surround still is moorland, but the word of live a luxury and dissipation life however enough makes a person crackpot. Because of ideological ultra and the allergy that enrol a person is dazzled by regulative estate “ even rich advertisement ” , what reflection goes out is the wine cup of brand culture excessive of traditional estate however.

A personage inside course of study expresses, excessive those who use advertisement form is much for high-grade residence, because “ price is far tower above is common consumptive ability of the citizen, and level sex begs ” for be more than. Among them, there is no lack of a few projects had been not done in the homework when sale is engineered sufficient begin dazzle rich, “ has not gotten the client that understands his group, costly advertisement has blotted out the sky and cover up the earth, the result is actually bad ” .

Telangpu likes American landed king to manage each some property in oneself, with him a tremendous T word regards the first letter —— of the name as the label, in order to reveal his individual figure and plute identity. This drives Ling Yu every Telangpu the T word of the edifice, although far be inferior to extravagant, exalted, royal such adjective is dazzling, but brought the greatest brand value and advertisement benefit for its however.

And be in China, although condition of disappear give a lot of care is put in psychology of “ dazzle rich ” really, but the method that develops business is very primary, still stay in the phase of ostentation character. The personage inside afore-mentioned course of study expresses, actually no more than of dazzle rich advertisement is to be below the premise that essence of life grants to choose a client, satisfy the vanity that asset of the person that buy a house expands. “ is advanced below the circumstance that two years capital market upsurges, such advertisement satisfied the state of mind of a few upstart effectively. ”
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