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" difficult " word Oh? Rent a house actual it is to give landlord to work
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Rent a house: word of difficult ” of a “ Oh

In the impression of others, xiamen is a beautiful city, be in however so the city of a beautiful Wen Wenxin, look for an of short duration to belong to his, clean and the land that does not need too big perch, in was not being envisaged easy, even a no less than looking for flexibly the difficulty like the husband. Young lady of the Qin Dynasty has two years of much histories that rent a house in Xiamen, it is early it is in Cai the pond is taken. But Cai Tang is further from working place, basically was to take a fancy to its rent is lower, a month just 200 yuan, such price suits to just came very much mansion works a group of things with common features. Hiring begin, young lady of the Qin Dynasty is considering moving the next time.

Young lady of the Qin Dynasty is to try to seek room source in a website first, she discovers the price on the website is relatively cheap, the room source majority with nicer a sector of an area is controlled by intermediary place, what receive half month even because of intermediary is medium valence is expended and hang in rent of intermediary hack room taller. She does not want to look for intermediary, go up in the net continuously then search after several days, connected a few buildings that are not intermediary, did not think of to want price moderate only, a sector of an area is nice, phone a dozen pasts, be informed “ early lease went ” . In addition, landlord inquires into the root of the matter, young lady allowing a surname is very awkward.

Landlord can ask the Qin Dynasty the young lady to a few people live above all, have a boy friend, ask you are where person even, just when work,have, at ordinary times the friend comes and go Duobuduo. If say the meaning of disagreement landlord is major,meet by decline. Not bad young lady of the Qin Dynasty is lone, intercourse is simpler also, landlord can be accepted for the most part, but should seek a price the abode with appropriate, him satisfaction, convenient job, so not easy really still.

Rent a house: It is to give landlord to work actually

Final, young lady of the Qin Dynasty took a fancy to lotus the rental room of a of 2 villages 2 rooms, the price is a month 1000 yuan, that is to say cell wants 500 yuan. This is in just coming cannot be accepted when Xiamen, but young lady of the Qin Dynasty thinks to be stabilized before duty factor now, also should want to look for a living environment to compare good abode. Because Cai Tang takes chummage to compare petty gain, taking much in that is a laborer, overall quality is inferior, also not be very safe.

But if be to live in lotus 2 villages, mean young lady of the Qin Dynasty the income of 1/4 should spend every month hiring a room to go up. The card games of old person community that sees landlord is every day inside the village, play mahjong, arrive at the beginning of the month the one face “ that will collect rent is fierce ” of evil spirit photograph, the Qin Dynasty has an energy of life in young lady heart, these people are mixed by what Huang Shiren is euqally reap without sowing, look to suck hematic bug ” like a “ more more. Hey! What idea is there? Who calls a family is dweller of “ aboriginal ” , this year has a house in Xiamen is an ox.
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